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Seven Tips for purchasing a used scooter

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Scooty has become a trend for the female generation for many years various want classy etc. Most of the females use the scooter for daily purposes. India has also engaged inone of the massive scooter demands in the world.

However, it is a new scooter or a used scooter, the portion of desire that a person regarding the scooter is similar. Scooty is easy to ride because it can be balanced. Italso brings a peak to the market for purchasing and selling used scooters.

Besides the easily obtainable scooter in decent quality, several people purchased a used scooter to save money. Many people are unable to buy a brand new scooter but this doesn’t mean they should lay off on their dream.

Purchasing a scooter for the first time is a unique emotion for ladies. Nowadays, buy used scooty is okay because some people need affordable things. This article will serve you as a guide on buying a used two-wheeler.

Need of scooter:

Used scooter preference requires to be verified established on the basis you are driving to use it. Suppose you are looking for daily use you should purchase a used scooter that will provide no maintenance.

If you are purchasing a scooter for enjoying trips in the sunset or only for weekend’s you may choose a premium scooter that may provide you with a strong engine sound and the premium color.

Purchasing a scooter is not the only expenditure, you have to see after the care, scooter security, fuel, etc as sufficiently.

Briefly search about the scooter:

Briefly search about the scooter

Once you made up your mind about buying a used scooter, or taking up a plan about the intention, then it is time to analyze in-depth the alternatives accessible in the market. Various dealers might propose the scooter at different prices.

The age of the scooter will also fluctuate from seller to seller. Nowadays, various offline and online outlets have been created from there you can buy a used scooter.

The satisfactory way to make out a reasonable scooter is to take a trial of varied scooters so you can achieve information on the alternatives accessible and examine the properness of the scooter based on your provisions.

Scooter checking:

It is required to examine your scooter thoroughly and perform a test of the scooter during the daytime because night light sometimes conceals possible trouble areas.

It is possible to look out with a specialist viewpoint who has a good understanding of scooters in case you have a new scooter for the first time.

Colour checking:

It is necessary to check the color. The color sometimes matters for ladies. So, before buying check whether the color matches you or not.

Mechanical Check:

The main things you have to inspect on the scooter is mechanical parts so first, you check the

  • Oil leaks:

Take a gander at the motor part cautiously for any oil spillage. In case the scooter has not been cleaned therefore it is additional visible and clear to find out but if not you will have to give it a minute to see it.

  • Rust part:

Metal areas of your used bike will snatch rust over the year.  Minor body rust is fair and, can deal with but if the rust is intense, you may need to repair that body piece. Search the entire suspension part for any observable rust imprints.

  • Scratch marks:

A scratch is understandable but assures a scratch is not much intenser or openly noticeable as it may ruin the overall look of the scooter and cost you a huge amount on the repair.

  • Accidental dents:

Don’t be a sufferer of purchasing an accidentally defective scooter. See, the suspension part and the handlebar ought to be straight and ought not be shaken. Inspect the rimsof the tires in case they appear to be bowed and the arrangement.

  • Examine the engine:

Turn on the engine of the scooter and test the smoke coming out. Similarly, hearing the engine noise will tell you whether the condition of the motor is good or bad. If you do not understand the sound then take the person who knows scooters that will help you.

Official paper:

It is the essential part because it involves official documents. In some cases, fraud happens you have to be careful and take a lawyer with you that would help you. The lawyer will check the papers thoroughly and the paper have to be genuine.

Registration Certification(RC):

The engine and chassis number on the scooter have to match with the registration certificate, the color of the bike have to be mentioned, the number of persons or holders should be mentioned, etc.

Tax receipt:

The scooter is needed a legal tax certification.


The Indian law, has suggested that each motor vehicle that is utilizing the Indian streets requires lawful contamination taken care of authentication each time they ride an auto.

Insurance of scooter:

The scooter should have legal insurance, while third-party insurance is compulsory by law or can be done. Detailed insurance is suggested as it covers your automobile defects in case of natural and man-made accidents.

No objection certificate:

Noc is necessary to bring the scooter switched from one (RTO)Regional transport office to another.

Servicing history:

You have heard the word servicing because we have an automobile or any electrical equipment that needs servicing. If we do service your things will be in good condition.

So, the scooter also needs servicing for good maintenance, and look at the servicing book how many times servicing has been done? and know whether the scooter is fully maintained or not.

If the servicing record is not maintained then it is better to switch to another dealer otherwise, it depends upon you.


The last part is when you are happy with the mechanical, paperworksand the scooter now it is time to sit up with a cup of tea and adjust the price.

You have to compare the new model price and the used one. If you both adjust with the price it’s time to sign in the papers and complete the payment.

We discussed a lot of things about the scooter and give you important things to keep in mind before buying aused scooty.

Used scooters are not a wrong option, you need proper technical and paperworks as illustrated above before purchasing one and you are having a good deal for the used scooter.

Therefore, these are the above guides to buy yourself a decent used scooter and get on the scooter of your dream. Scooter is for the younger generation ladies as well as for the men also everyone can buy with their requirements.

In, this corona time riding alone will be safe for your health but you have to keep in your mind that pollution checking of your scooter is necessary.

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