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Should You Try Ayurveda for Your Weight Gain?

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If you feel that you are not gaining weight even when you eat too much, then relax. This ayurveda post is here to guide you. You have no idea how you can transform your weight with the right ayurvedic medicine. After all, ayurveda has approximately a solution for all your needs and issues.

Even when you start taking up a good ayurvedic medicine for weight gain, you should not need to worry about anything because these are natural medicines and have no side effects at all.

Hence, you can be confident that you are getting the weight you desire and that too without even triggering any type of side effects. Apart from ayurvedic medicine, following are given a few of the simple and natural types of ayurvedic ways for you to gain weight.

Mango and milkshake

You know what, you need to consume three mangoes at different times of your day followed by a glass or cup of water. You just need to do this thing for nearly one month. It can significantly aid you in gaining good weight.


For your natural weight gain, in ayurveda, ashwagandha herbs are surely crucial. You just need to consume a glass of hot milk and then blend two teaspoonfuls of ashwagandha powder. If you are thinking where to search out this herb, you can just go to any sort of ayurvedic store and ask for it. 

Moreover, if you are taking up the ayurvedic medicine for your weight gain, then you may find this herb in it as an ingredient. It is the herb that actually helps you gain weight. 

Raisins and figs 

You just need to consume nearly six figs and nearly thirty grams of raisin and just soak them in water for nearly twelve  to sixteen hours. The next day, consume them at two diverse periods of the day. It is going to help you in gaining a balanced type of body weight.


It is an excellent type of agent for boosting your weight loss. It even helps in upkeeping the fluid balance in your body. It enhances the general efficiency of your digestive system. The point is this Satavaari is mainly assistive for lactating mothers and even that of pregnant females.

Vasant kusumakar ras

This is basically a type of ayurvedic medicine for your weight gain naturally. You can find it in the shape of both powder and even that of tablet versions. It assists in boosting your immunity, memory, and even skin complexion.

It’s perfect for you to consume nearly one hundred fifty -two hundred fifty mg of ras every single day. Ensure you take such a thing under the provision of a doctor. Mostly people take it coupled with honey, plain sugar, or even that of ghee.


To sum up, if you are doing so many things for your weight gain but not getting the good results, it is time that you give some place to ayurveda in your life. You can try weight gain tablets and ensure that you get the great experience and effectivity that you want.

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