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10 Signs Your Loved One Is Seeking Help From You

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Walking through a relationship is not a responsibility of a single person, it is the responsibility of both the people indulging in a relationship. It is quite a road to travel where if one gets weak, then the other support with all the strength one got.

No matter what long lasting relationship it is, in every bond, trust and companionship are important. Your loved ones create happy walls around you. But what if something is going wrong with someone you love and they are trying to seek help from you. Get on board to know about the signs your loved one is seeking help from you.

  • Irritating Behaviour 

Your partner, parents, or your kid will have irritated behaviour all the time. To explain better let’s take an example. If you are asking your child what to wear or what to eat for a second time, he or she might get irritated.

If you want to discuss something with your wife or girlfriend and that conversation turns into a big fight quickly, your partner is irritated. This irritation is the basic reason for every fight. It destroys your sleep and snatches away your peace of mind too. 

  • Less Understanding 

Due to the irritating behaviour, there is a chance of more emerging fights and less love. The relationship walks towards an end because the conversation is like oxygen to a relationship.

If you are unable to understand the choice of your kids, you might lose them. If you are unable to learn about the thoughts of your parents behind what they say, you might have a never-ending fight with them.

  • Fear And Possessiveness 

There is emotional suffering when your loved one is loaded with stress. This emotional suffering makes the person fragile enough that they get possessive not because of a lack of trust but because they fear losing you. He or she wants you to help them as they are suffering and seeking help from you. 

  • Fraying The Relationship 

Due to these issues, relationships start to come to an end without any specific reason. Some couples still want to continue despite this awful situation. Some kids lose their mental balance. Thus, to make it work they visit private mental health care. This helps them clear their minds and remove the unnecessary boundaries that were built by these inbound traumas.

  • Struggling with Identity 

After some major fights, people suffer from identity crises. This happens because when you fight you are angry enough to hurt the sentiments of your partner, your friend, your child or parents and you say things that crush their soul and then they believe that the life they lived for you was a lie and now they will start from the beginning to identify who they are.

If not from the fights, there can be any situation in the office or in family or society which could have hurt your partner so bad that he is silently seeking help. 

  • Low Concentration 

There is a low concentration. Since the mind is full of broken dreams, unreached goals and unwanted conversations, it does not let the sufferer concentrate on any other thing but only the negative aspects of life. 

  • Misunderstand The Situation 

They forget to analyze the situation before concluding. They will initiate a fight without knowing the facts and without analysing what is wrong and what is right. This disrupts a healthy relationship. It does not matter to them whether the step you took was right because they just need a reason to boost themselves up by proving themselves right in front of you. 

  • Increased Alcoholism 

They become alcoholics or drug addicts. Drugs and alcohol slow down the thinking process of the body which helps them to be calm and composed. This makes them happy and this is the only reason why they repeat it frequently. 

  • Depression 

It has been observed that a person who is suffering from emotional trauma gets caught up in depression. Such people try to avoid public meetings. They don’t v isit too many parties. They ignore people and keep their feelings private. They will lock themselves into their rooms only. This gives them depression. 

  • Eating Disorder 

If your loved one has become lean and is suffering from an eating disorder, there is some emotional trouble they are suffering from.


So these were the signs that will help you to know if your partner is seeking help from you. Help them emotionally and give them mental support. It will heal their emotional trauma. 

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