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Sqm Club: Read Interesting Facts About It

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With the increasing technologies, use of mechanical and industrial equipment, our planet is facing many types of harm. One of which is the emission of harmful chemicals and gases.

Sqm club is an organization that is working towards decreasing the harmful effects of chemicals and gases by reducing waste and in turn reduce global warming. 

Our planet is already facing many difficulties in surviving. The population is increasing uncontrollably, the Ozone layer is damaged, we are heading towards increased global warming and many other things. That is why we must implement actions to reduce carbon footprint and other types of pollution. That is why we must implement actions to reduce carbon footprint and other types of pollution.

In these hard times for the planet, the human race is only causing more harm to the environment. And the few organizations like Sqm Club, that actually tries to solve these issues of environmental hazards are easy to ignore. 

What is Sqm Club? 

What is Sqm Club? Sqm Club is an organization that is working towards decreasing CO2 emission (commonly known as carbon footprint) and as a result, increasing the environmental health of the planet.  

Sqm Club or Squak Mountain Club is a non-profit organization that is spread globally. Currently, over 1,000 volunteers are working for this facility and raising awareness against the excess emission of CO2. 

Squak Mountain Club has been established in 1954 and they are toward preserving the Squak Mountain for public entertainment, educational awareness and scientific research. 

What Sqm Club Members Do? 

The Sqm Club members raise awareness about the harms of CO2 emission. They encourage small and large companies to invest in the latest technologies that may help them reduce their Carbon Footprint. The reduction in CO2 emission can also help them cut the production cost. 

The Sqm Club’s goal is to achieve a better environment with reduced emission of harmful chemicals and gases. To pursue their goal Sqm Club works globally and joins hands with different countries, international organizations and corporations to reduce carbon footprints. 

Another facility that the Sqm Club gives is that they offer these companies and organizations correct and required tools to measure the output of CO2. This helps the companies who are trying to help with the cause of Sqm Club to know the estimated amount of harm they are unwillingly causing to the environment.  

Sqm Club also provides a way to incentivize business partners by demonstrating that CO2 emission reduction activities are environmentally friendly and cost-efficient for the company.

Sqm Club provides CO2 emission measurement, emission reduction tracking, reduction tracking projects, emission data analysis tools, data quality logging, emission reduction reviews, and emission reduction credits. 

Work Circle Of Sqm Club 

Sqm club has helped many companies improve their environmental performance by reducing harmful emissions.

Sqm Club has also worked with government agencies in the USA, Canada and Mexico, telecommunications companies in Brazil, major international corporations in Japan, automotive companies in China, property management firms throughout Australia and many other organizations.  

The proudest project the Sqm Club has worked for is the National Car Testing Service (NATS) in the UK. Redesigning and helping them manage the CO2 emissions or the car design has helped them save millions of pounds every year. 

Sqm Club regularly works with National Car Testing Service (NATS) to measure the carbon exposure and emission of their service operations.

This helps NATS to get financial benefits by cutting down fuel costs and improving fleet efficiency and reduction in their carbon footprint. Sqm Club has also helped NATS to design a customized CO2 calculator to get an accurate reading of the CO2 emission.

These calculators are being used in testing stations all over the UK. Before approving, the vehicle’s fuel consumption is measured with this calculator which accurately measures the economic value of the vehicle.  

Facts About Sqm Club 

Since Sqm Club has been around for over a half-century, it has made its place among the well-wishers of the planet. Here are some interesting facts about the Sqm Club: 

  • Sqm Club is a non-profit organization 
  • The Club’s members are not hired, they all work as volunteers 
  • Sqm Club has worked with many other countries, companies and organizations to achieve their single goal that is to reduce CO2 emissions and make the planet healthy again 
  • Sqm Club has designed and created an online calculator that helps companies to measure and calculate their carbon footprint. 
  • They have guided several companies to reduce their carbon footprint which also helped them to cut fuel costs and save a lot of money


Sqm Club’s headquarter is in Oxford, England but the Sqm Club members are spread across the world in Australia, China, France, Germany, India, Israel, Poland, Singapore and many other countries.

Although Sqm Club is a small-scale organization, but their work and effort are for the greater result. 

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