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Best Strategies to Repair Excel Files

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Ms Excel files are among the most frequently used office documents in today’s world. The corruption of such documents results in the loss of critical information, which might negatively influence your company’s operations.

In this post, you’ll learn about how to repair corrupted excel file.

The Causes of Excel File Corruption

People rely on Microsoft Excel files to store and manage massive quantities of data. However, Excel files may get damaged from time to time, resulting in a considerable loss of productivity and critical data. To solve this problem, file repair is inevitable.

The following are the reasons for Excel file corruption.

Attack from Virus

A damaged Microsoft Excel file is one of the most prevalent causes of data loss in computer systems (s). Keep your anti-virus software up to date to prevent similar scenarios.

Abrupt System Shutdown 

Suppose you shut down your computer suddenly or a sudden power loss causes your computer to go down unexpectedly. In that case, there is a potential that any open Microsoft 365 Excel files may become corrupt.

Files of a Large Size

Storing an excessive amount of data in a single Excel file might cause it to get corrupted. It is recommended that you should not save a huge amount of information in a single Excel file.

Failure of the Hard Disc

Excel files are susceptible to corruption if your system’s hard drive has failed or bad sectors on the disc where the Excel file (s) are stored.

Common Ways to Repair Excel Files

The following are the common ways you can use to repair corrupted excel files.

Make use of the Excel Open and Repair Utility

When Excel detects that a file has been corrupted, it immediately enters File Recovery mode and fixes the corrupted file. You may manually repair the excel file if it fails to initiate the File Recovery mode. To do so, open the file and use the Open and Repair function. Delete anything that you don’t want.

Re-Download the Excel Spreadsheet

It is recommended that you first attempt downloading the damaged Excel file from a backup copy if one is available before proceeding with the repair. If the item has been downloaded from the internet, re-download it if you have the URL to the original download.

Temporary Excel Data

A problem with the temporary files saved in Microsoft Excel may create a clash with your files at some point in the future. The good news is that this problem may be remedied quickly and easily by just deleting all of the temporary Office files from your computer’s hard drive.

Make use of the Native Repairing Feature in Microsoft Excel

To make it simpler to remedy all sorts of tiny faults with your office documents, Microsoft has incorporated a mending option inside the Office suite. As a result, if your excel files are just slightly damaged, you may quickly restore them using the native functionality of this programme.

To fix damaged and corrupt Excel files, run the Microsoft Excel programme and choose the Menu > File > Open option from the drop-down menu. The corrupted Excel document that has been stored on your PC may now be found and selected with relative ease.

How to Repair Excel Files with Repairit

Reapirit is a user-friendly tool that can repair files by following a simple clickthrough approach, as seen in the accompanying screenshot.

Here are the steps on how to repair a corrupted excel file.

Step1: Load the Damaged Excel Files on Repairit – File Repair

Wondershare Repairit can be used to repair damaged and corrupt Excel files. To do so, start the programme on your computer and choose the File Repair option from the sidebar. You may now quickly identify and load any damaged Excel file into the programme by clicking on the “Add” button on the toolbar.

Step1: Load the Damaged Excel Files on Repairit – File Repair

Step 2: Repair the Excel Documents that have been loaded on Repairit

Your faulty Excel files will be shown on the right side of the screen, where you may see their information (such as their size, location, and type), and then click on the “Repair” option to begin the repair procedure.

Once the repair of file is completed, you can sit back and wait for the programme to complete its task of repairing damaged and corrupt Excel files. On the programme, you can keep track of the progress of the Excel mending process and make changes as needed.

Step1: Load the Damaged Excel Files on Repairit – File Repair

Step 3: Take a Look at the Results and Then Export Your Excel Files

Repairit will notify you when the mending procedure has been finished successfully. You may now click on the “Preview” button to see how well the data restoration programme performs.

If you are pleased with the findings, you can save the file by clicking on the “Save” button that appears next to the file’s information. This will allow you to export your corrected Excel files from Repairit to any secure place on your computer’s hard drive.

Step1: Load the Damaged Excel Files on Repairit – File Repair


The corruption of Excel files might occur due to virus infection, an abrupt system shutdown, or any other cause. The fact that Excel files are becoming more important for commercial reasons, on the other hand, may not be such good news. 

It is recommended that you operate on Microsoft Excel with the automatic backup feature enabled. This guarantees that if your workbook is inadvertently erased or becomes damaged, you will be able to retrieve it from your backup copy. 

In the meanwhile, if you’re still having trouble with a damaged Excel sheet, this page has highlighted a few strategies that may help you repair corrupted excel file. Moreover, if none of the above ways is successful, you may depend on Repairit to recover damaged or corrupt files.

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