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Subnautica Best Base Locations In 2021

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Finding the best base locations Subnautica to build your base can be a difficult decision. This guide will help you choose the Subnautica best base locations for your base.

 Subnautica best base locations to build a base:

  • Jellyshroom cave
  • The floating island
  • The cove tree
  • Kelp forest
  • Mushroom forest
  • Grass plateau

Above mentioned locations are the best places to build a base for you.

Best Base Locations Subnautica: 

Since you can build bases in many wonderful places, here you will see six incredible places. These locations are not in any particular order; it completely depends on where you want to settle.

Jellyshroom Cave 

The splendor of Jellyshroom Cave is 180,300 meters deep and has four entrances. Because of its depth, remember to use Seamoth to explore the area. Otherwise, it may be fatal to the player. You can find gold, diamonds, and lithium in the area, to name a few.

In addition, this is the best base location in Subnautica that has a large amount of magnetite. If you are growing magnetite, you already know where to go. Most importantly, it is very different from many other places. The atmosphere and the general view are nice.

The Floating island:

The best you can say about floating islands is that there are almost no predators in this biome. If needed, there is plenty of open space for you to build and expand the base.

Plan your basic layout early so that you can build it more easily. It is located above sea level and has a temperature between 20.2 degrees Celsius and 40.9 degrees Celsius.

In addition, it is close to the Degas Sea Base and has many trees, so collecting food is not a problem. If you are tired of staying underwater and want to stay away temporarily, then it is a good idea to build your base here.

The Cove Tree:

Beautiful Cove Tree. This is one of the best base locations in Subnautica. This area not only has a lot of material, but it is also close to the lava belt.

But to get there, you need a cyclops or prawns because it is very deep. The biggest advantage of this location is that it is close to all endgame locations. Recommend establishing a base here because it is very beneficial.

Kelp Forest:

The scenery of the kelp forest is spectacular. It is located near the surface and is one of the most diverse biomes in Subnautica. It is a good place to build a base because it contains most of the raw materials.

You can easily collect all necessary resources from here and build your base without traveling. You can go deeper into the dense seaweed forest, where you can find huge metal rescue objects. Overall, the area looks great, and if you are looking for a solar base, I suggest you use this area.

Mushroom Forest 

As the name suggests, there are huge mushroom-shaped trees here. Mushroom trees and various other plants surround you, and the scenery is great. It is considered a shallow-type biome with a depth range of 125,250 meters.

When Subnautica was first released, the Mushroom Forest was the only place where all three Cyclops Shards could be obtained.

Having said that, we suggest you stay away from the confines of this biome, because the god of death, Leviathan, roams here.

If you stay away from that small part of the area, you will have fun while building the base without worrying about big predators. In addition, it is close to the portal, and you need to advance the story.

Grassy Plateau: 

Blood Grass is located in Grass Plateau. If you are looking for the ideal place for early games, this is it.

This biome has a vast open space, which is very suitable for building a base without encountering any obstacles. In addition, due to its proximity to the surface, it is very effective for solar energy.

We recommend that new players always pay attention to their surroundings and stay away from sand clouds because this means there are sand sharks nearby.

This base is rich in resources and almost all basic raw materials can be found. This is the best place to build an early game base because you can access all the necessary resources from the beginning.

Final words: 

Some of these positions are suitable for the early stage, and some are suitable for the later stage. Let them try to understand how effective and useful these places are for building your foundation.

Today’s guide is enough, the Subnautica best base locations. Hope this guide helps you choose the Best base locations for Subnautica. Leave a comment below and tell us what your favorite base location is.

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