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Take Your Brand to the Next Level in 2024

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Every new year is a time to reflect on your business and how it adapted to changes from the year prior. As you assess any changes and your company’s performance, it is also an opportunity to consider future changes and objectives that can take your company to the next level. It is incredible how even subtle changes, like incorporating a company-wide virtual office background, can contribute to positive changes in corporate culture. Consider the top five changes to take your business to the next level in 2024.

1. Use a Branded Virtual Background

While it seems insignificant, a branded virtual background used in all company meetings and client interactions can improve brand recognition and company culture. Especially in the age of remote work, it is easy for employees to lose track of the brand they represent and why that should matter. Many remote employees might even feel alone and out of sync with their companies.

A branded background, though a small gesture, increases the presence of the team mentality. It reinforces company culture for people who are away from the office. Also, the background reiterates to clients during virtual meetings and presentations that the brand is responsible for the services or products they value.

2. Customize Your Office

While finding the best Teams virtual backgrounds is one way to take your business to the next level, it is not the only way to improve brand recognition and corporate identity. Take a look around the office. What details or decorations speak to the brand? It is time to reassess and redesign the space if you have difficulty finding anything.

You can change the whole feel of a space by repainting it. Focus on the colors of the brand. Use them as highlights or feature walls. Also, use the company logo and messaging throughout the office. Create pride in the brand and the team.

3. Diversify Your Marketing Channels

Are you stuck on traditional marketing, or do you strictly focus on digital media channels? The digital marketing should combine traditional and digital channels. People often find more value in printed media, like postcards and newsletters. Still, digital advertising is more affordable and an excellent option for reaching a wider audience.

4. Build a Community

Brands thrive and survive based on the size of their audience. An audience is made of loyal consumers. If your business does not have a consistent consumer pool, it is time to focus on building a community. While a Zoom virtual office background can help, it is best to focus on a specific consumer profile and start building a social media presence. Engage with your digital audience. Also, use personalization in physical mail.

5. Refine Your Brand Identity and Messaging

How specific is your brand and communication style? People should be able to identify your brand from a single image and message. If they can’t, you have a problem with your branding strategy, and you need to reassess.

2024 is the year of change. Use the first several months to assess your business and define goals for the year. If you want help, consult a company or brand management specialist.

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