Tarot and Infinity – Full Details

Tarot and Infinity

In tarot, the major arcana are the archetype cards that deal with the larger themes that each person will experience in their lifetimes. These are not common, everyday experiences—they are the experience that cause us to grow, expand, fall, and rise. These 22 major arcana cards begin with the Fool card and ending with the World card.

The sequence of these cards follows the journey of self-discovery, enlightenment, and all the trials and tribulations that come with that. Once you begin the path of the Major Arcana there is no turning back. This journey may be associated with a spiritual or introspective path. Out of all the major arcana there are a couple cards that stick out—and can give you motivation and hope in trying times. 


The Magician 


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The Magician is the second card in the Major Arcana. It depicts a man at his altar surrounded by all the elements. In tarot, the four elements are associated with symbols. 

Air – SwordsWater – Cups

Earth – Pentacles

Fire – Wands

The magician has an infinity symbol hovering over his head like a halo. This image symbolizes the power that exists deep within himself, which comes from the very essence of who he is. We are all created from the same material of the earth, the galaxy, and the universe. Everything is energy, and energy cannot ever be created or destroyed, including love and friendship.

You Have What It Takes

Tarot and Infinity

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We all have desires we wish to obtain that sometimes seem out of reach. We have obstacles we reach that seem too large to conquer. These beliefs are what hold us back from achieving our highest potential in life. The Strength Card shows a woman, also with an infinity halo, playing with a lion at her feet. This card holds a powerful energy that inspires you to become a more courageous version of yourself.

There is no desire too large for you to accomplish, it’s the mind that limits you. The Strength card symbolizes that courage doesn’t always come from external force or intimidation. The infinity halo also shows that you always have the strength and power that you need within yourself. You are never without the tools to obtain your desires. 

Life will never give you a challenge that is too complicated for you to overcome. The Strength Card may appear when you are experiencing an important lesson within your life. This lesson may be a steppingstone bringing you to the next stage of your life. Sometimes courage comes from inner strength, acceptance, and willingness to move forward.

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