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Tarot the Mentor: Why Tarot Is So Popular in 2022

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Tarot has been around since the 15th century. Originally, it was similar to a deck of playing cards, and not used as a form of divination. Wealthy and royal families had their own tarot decks created using images of their family as the archetypes on the cards. Having your own tarot deck was a sign of status. 

The cards have lost and gained popularity throughout the centuries that followed, until the 1800-1900s when occult and spiritual elements became incorporated into them. 

Today, tarot is a deck of cards that contain powerful images, symbolism, and colors that help provide you with answers to your most dire questions. These cards tap into your subconscious to connect with the energy of the question that you seek. 

A tarot reader must use their intuition to decipher the messages of the cards before them. This practice takes time to master, because each card within the deck contains an abundance of meaning. Tarot can be used to reflect on the past, understand the present, and predict the future. 

Tarot Can Help You: 

– Find a new career.

– Make decisions about your love life. 

– Understand someone’s true motives. 

– Become aware of your subconscious mind and behaviors. 

– Predict your future. 

– Understand your past. 

– Predict the overall energy of your day. 

– Find success. 

Tarot Can Guide You 

The tarot combines different energies, outcomes, and experiences to accurately answer a question specifically. There is no question that tarot can’t answer, but it takes time and a strong understanding of the practice to be able to fully understand certain answers. One of the reason’s this practice is sacred for many people is the hope and encouragement the cards provide for them. If you are worried about making a certain choice, the cards can help you understand ho

w that choice may affect your life. If you are dealing with loss or sadness, tarot can help provide you with tools to overcome it. Tarot is like a mother—giving you advice when you need it, helping you make decisions, and nurturing your mind and emotions when nothing else can. 

Tarot shows you exactly what you need to see, not just what you want to see. This can be difficult, especially when the truth is more painful than a lie. But this is necessary for growth, and it’s more beneficial for you to hear the truth than not.

Not only will tarot pull the truth out of a situation, but it will allow you to understand how you can take action to move forward. Much like the advice from a mother, tarot is designed to help you succeed, even if it seems too hard to accomplish. 

Our intuition is a tool that can help us make the best decisions for ourselves. Sometimes, fears and worry cloud our intuition—cutting us off from our own guidance. This is when we may turn to tarot, or other avenues of inspiration to get us back on the right track.

Like your mentor, tarot knows what you’re capable of and will only guide you in a direction that you will be able to handle. If you have a loved one in your life that needs a reminder of their worth or the love you have for them, send them the perfect meaningful message to help them see their own light.

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