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Men’s Cufflinks

Cufflinks have made a comeback. Due to the pandemic, in recent months, small accessories and jewellery have become more popular in the UK, including men’s cufflinks, which are popular at Tateossian.

Cufflinks are being restored, restyled and refashioned, which is revolutionising the world of cufflinks. Who says cufflinks can’t serve more than one purpose? They not only hold the cuffs of your shirt sleeves together, but they can be a means of expressing yourself through different colours, shapes, sizes and styles.

Cufflinks say a lot about you, despite their small size, and can elevate any outfit. By paying attention to the minimalist details in your outfit like jewellery, you can upgrade your appearance as well as your confidence. You may choose to wear them at several types of events, including weddings, work, ceremonies, formal dinners and other elaborate events.

An emerging style is to match your cufflinks to your other accessories, such as your rings, watch, tie, belt or socks. In matching colours like this, it brings more sophistication to your overall outfit, perfect for formal events like the ones mentioned above. However, for a braver look, contrasting these item colours can also create a powerful effect.

Designer cuffs are an increasingly popular item in today’s market, and given the growing competition, diversity is needed from the store sellers, who often have a unique selling point to entice customers and differentiate themselves from the rest of the market.

While minimalistic in appearance, materials like titanium, platinum, copper, sterling silver, and gold make cufflinks refined, classy and sophisticated. Conversely, fabric and enamel cufflinks are perhaps, more modern, but not as elegant. While opting for a simple cufflink may be a safe choice, it can bring your outfit together through colour co-ordination or matching styles, or you may choose to colour contrast your cufflinks with the rest of your outfit for a bolder look. Your choice of cufflink really does speak volumes about your personality and charisma.

Since cufflinks are small accessories, they can get lost easily. To avoid this, they can be stored in a jewellery box or a drawer to ensure they do not get misplaced. Furthermore, when wearing them, it is essential that they are fastened securely to ensure they stay in place, and this can be achieved by wearing cufflink styles that fasten well, both quickly and easily, such as toggle closure, fixed back, or whaleback cufflinks. In addition to these styles, there are others that are more difficult to secure, such as chain link cufflinks and silk knot cufflinks that are not as easy to fasten as others, as well as not being long lasting in securing your cuffs, but they compensate in more elaborate style.

Cufflinks have been associated with royalty and sophistication since they were first worn in the 17th century. From the 19th century and onwards, cufflinks were more commonly worn and became exceedingly popular, before declining slightly as many men preferred buttoned sleeve shirts rather than having to wear traditional cuffs. Then, as fashion styles became less formal in the 1960s, the popularity of cufflinks plummeted. In recent years though, they have become more in demand, as the fashion industry increasingly grows and develops with new styles and designs of every product, including men’s cufflinks. When wearing cufflinks, it is best to pair them with a dressier shirt with French cuffs, which are meant to be worn with cufflinks.

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