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The Best Citizen Watches

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There is no doubt that Citizen Watches are a sweetheart for every watch lover worldwide. Citizen is an excellent watch brand well-known for its style, functionality and affordable price. Its watches are extremely high quality with great accuracy, catching designs and high precision. 

Below are some of the best Citizen Watches you should know about. It will make your choice stress-free while navigating through Citizen’s product lineup.

Citizen Eco-Drive Watch AT4010-50E

This Citizen’s watch is very comfortable and friendly and can sit on your wrist effortlessly. This watch’s case and bracelet material is titanium, which is one of the best materials that could be used for watchmaking. Another highlighted property of titanium is its ability to resist corrosion, making this watch high water-resistant.

Another big highlight of this watch is its reliability. As we already know that citizen watches are pretty much popular for their reliability and longevity, and this watch is no different. 


  • Reserve power up to 9 months (Energy Source: Light energy)
  • Substantial Titanium case
  • Nice looking
  • High water resistance
  • Reliable


  • Limitation of some functions

Citizen Men’s Casual Watch BN0151-09L

The dark blue dial color of this Citizen watch surely portrayed the ocean lovers. This watch is specially designed for divers. The best feature of this model is luminosity. It also has great water resistance that is up to 200m. The side profile of this watch also feels premium and gives you a feeling like you are wearing something special.

Its eye-catching design is capable of attracting even the choosiest customers. Moreover, the best part about this citizen watch is its lightweight profile. You will literally feel like you are wearing nothing. The stainless steel case also matches the profile and qualities of this watch. 


  • Significant luminous effect
  • Reserve power up to 6 months
  • Streamline and lightweight
  • Stylish watch with stainless steel case


  • Mineral crystal is a little scratchy

Citizen Eco-Drive BM8180-03E                             

This Citizen Eco-Drive Stainless Steel Watch has robust features and sits elegantly on your wrist. The Citizen Eco-Drive stainless steel watch has got a vibrant solar watch movement. The eco-drive technology means that it requires no energy to function.

Any light can be converted into energy stored in rechargeable power cells. This watch feature has added to its value and expanded its market at affordable prices. However, it is just affordable, not cheap.


  • Amazing Eco-Drive technology that requires no battery
  • 5-year warranty
  • Luminous hands and markers
  • Light in weight
  • Face style strikes a clear and modern balance


  • Too small case length with 37 mm diameter 

Citizen Eco-Drive Aviation Watch BJ7000-52E

Citizen Eco-Drive Aviation watch is may be well-known for its attractive dial looks. This stainless-steel watch has a date window at three o’clock, dual-time display, and a pilot’s slide rule inner chapter ring that is actuated by the crown at eight o’clock. The round black shape dial enriches the elegance and robust look of the watch. This watch also has high water resistance water up to 200m. 

But this is not suitable for diving as the bezel is not screwed down, and water can enter it. There are also two other sensational features of this watch: navigation calculation and general calculation. These features can be used in any analysis if you’re a master of these features.


  • Exact movement 
  • High water resistance
  • Striking finishing 


  • Mineral crystal is not scratch resistance


Citizen watches have driven a lot more market attention and built a base for its recognition. Citizen always makes sure to provide their customers with the best quality watches that they never get upset about.

On choosing any among the above-mentioned Citizen smart watches, you’ll never be disappointed about your decision as they are among the best-featured watches that could meet your demands and requirements.

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