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10 Important Things to Mention While Selling Your Car

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There can be different types of reasons for you to sell your old car. You may want to buy a new car or you may want to use the cash for some other necessary expenses. No matter what the reason is, there are some things that you have to take care of while trying to sell your old used car. 

The used car market is not a small industry. That’s why plenty of people are interested in purchasing second-hand cars; however, they often back out because they find the process really hectic.

This is because some sellers are not transparent always and they hide some crucial information about their car while selling it.

However, as an individual you can always be a better person and be honest. That’s how you can simplify the process of selling your old car more efficiently. 

In this article, we share some important tips for you that you should mention while selling your car. Read on to know more about it.

Take Maximum Photos of Your Car

If you are thinking about posting online ads to sell your old car or sell your junk vehicle, then the first thing you need to do is click as many pictures as you can. Studies state that potential customers get attracted to such ads that have pictures attached to them.

The aim is to provide accurate details of your car and its parts like tires, seats, body panels, etc.  So, if you can share the maximum pictures of your car taken from every angle, you can attract the right buyers. 

Don’t Forget to Mention the Accurate Odometer Reading

The kilometer reading or the odometer reading of your car can help a buyer to decide many things. First of all, all major car parts’ longevity, including the engine, brake pad, battery, etc., can be roughly calculated using the km reading. 

So, it is necessary to mention the correct odometer reading on the ads or while you talk to the potential buyers.

Refer to the Original Manufacturing & Registration Year

Generally, the new cars get sold in the same year in which they are manufactured. However, sometimes, this may not happen. Some leftover stocks of cars can get sold in the next year (or even after that) of their original manufacture year. 

For the same reason, as a seller, it is your responsibility to clearly mention the manufacturing and ownership year to the buyer before you finalize the deal.

Number of Previous Owners

If you are not the first-owner of your car then the pricing can be affected. It means if you have bought a used car, then the value of your car will not be the same as that of a new car. 

However, you cannot be dishonest and let the potential customers remain unaware about the previous owners of the car. If the car has been re-registered in someone’s name before, you have to clarify that with the buyers.

Provide Full-Service Record History

No matter whether you are willing to sell your car or not, it is always necessary to have a service record of your car. At the time of the sale, you can show it to the buyers to let them check how well you have maintained your car. Most importantly, if your car ever needed a major repair, that can also be found from the service history.

You always have to stay transparent as a seller; that’s how you can curate a good deal in the end. So, in case you haven’t maintained or do not have a full-service record history of your car, you can request for the same to the workshop where you go for servicing.

The Validity of The Car Insurance Policy

You should always disclose your car’s insurance policy to potential buyers. If your policy is valid for 6 or more months from the date of sale, the buyer can transfer it without having to pay an additional insurance premium. 

For providing him with a policy for a long period after the automobile has been sold, you may easily ask for a reasonable amount of money!

Mention If There’s Any Accidental Record

If you want to prevent any unnecessary complications even after you sell your car, then you have to let the buyer know if there’s any accidental history of your vehicle. Of course, an accidental history might lower the value of your car, but a pro car selling tip will always be honest with the buyer.

Let The Buyers Know About Any Re-painted Panel On Your Car

You can attract the right buyer if you can prove that you are a reputable and genuine seller. For the same reason, you should inform the buyer of any repainted panels on your delivery car. The buyer will undoubtedly use this as a bargaining chip, but if you are sure about the condition of your car’s paint, you may stick to your pricing. 

To avoid such bargains in the future, you should always get your automobile painted at a shop with a paint booth. If you have used high-quality paint and almost the same color of your car, then buyers cannot tell if you have repainted the car panel. However, as previously stated, be a trustworthy and honest seller.

Inform If You Have Replaced or Modified Any Major Part of the Car

You should definitely inform the buyer if a major part of your car has been replaced. This is because the part you replaced increased the worth of your car, and the buyer should be aware of this. 

If a part is relatively new, then it will have better longevity if compared to other parts. Another factor to consider is that some purchasers assume that if your car has had a significant part replaced, the value will drop; however, that isn’t the case.

There is no risk as long as you use OEM/OES items. Nevertheless, you should be cautious about what you put in your vehicle.

Final Words

These were some pro and honest car selling tips that will attract the right buyers and also save you from getting into unnecessary hassles because of the deal.

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