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Thinking About Customizing Your Car? You Should Know This…

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We all love our cars. But also many of us love customizing them and making them more like ourselves.

If car customization isn’t a catchy thing, Custom Car Show in UAE wouldn’t see the light every year. Would it?

So, if you’re one of those people who like to make their car their own, there are some good news and bad news for you…

You might be thinking about a really good-looking paint job, a booming new sound system, or something as simple as new rims.

But before thinking about such things you should keep in mind that any change you are making to your car will have an effect on its price in the market!

And here’s where the question lies: what changes should you consider? Which changes shouldn’t you consider? What changes can impact car valuation in Dubai?

Read on to find out…

How Can These “Upgrades” Affect Your Car?

Spending half your life savings on a car makes it one of the biggest purchases you’ve ever made and most of the time, making changes to it will make you (kind of literally) throw money down the drain.

How so, you might ask?

That’s because once you put the first add-on to your car, you’ve thrown many potential buyers out the window!

But you might be thinking “How can new rims decrease the price of my car?!” 

Well, sorry to break it to you, but when you’re talking with someone on the phone about your Hona Civic 2013, they’re going to imagine the standard rims on it, but when they come to make an inspection your new rims will translate into something else in their head: “this car has been tinkered with!”

This is what they’re going to say to themselves and now they’re not willing to pay you the price you were thinking about. (that’s in most cases)

So… what should you NOT consider for your selling car?

Mods that Decrease the Value of Your Car

  • Paint Jobs! To any buyer or car buying agency, a new paint job means your car might have had some scratches or dents. Plus, an unprofessionally applied paint job can mean goodbye to some of your car’s functions. 
  • Added Neon Lights: these do look good and function well true, but they might mean problems with the car circuitry. 
  • Engine Enhancements: pretty much, any tinkering you do with the engine or any tune-ups you apply will decrease the lifespan of your engine and (being not factory installed) will mean a higher potential for problems in the future. 
  • Custom Body Parts: this kind of modification is not ideal because most people who like to apply such parts to their cars are probably racers (plus it tells a story about how they drive their cars) and when people want to buy a car, they want it carefully handled, not treated like a racing car. 
  • Unprofessionally added gadgets and add ons: a camera which is not factory-made, a sound system that’s poorly added, and such… (keep in mind it’s good if you have such add ons professionally installed because a professional sound system or an entertainment system they increase the value of your car)

 Now, let’s move on to the good bits…

Add-Ons that Increase the Value of Your Car

    • New Tires
  • Factory-installed Seats
  • Interior Enhancements
  • Sunroof
  • Additions to Safety (such as an alarm or GPS tracking system)

At the end of the day, many of us like to get comfortable in our rides and customize them to make them speak our name, but it is good to stay aware of what brings up the value of our car or what drives it downhill. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to keep in mind that any changes we make to our cars will not endanger our lives or any other beings.

Have you tried to buy a customized auto or to sell your car in Dubai?

Author: Mohamad Omary

Mohamad Omary

Mohamad Omary is the Managing Director of Car Wise. Sell My Car – CarWise Car Buyers – Dubai is a car buying company that has established itself as the go-to partner for those who want to quickly sell their used cars in the UAE; reaching 20,000 satisfied customers with their easy car selling process and excellent customer service.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the most convenient way to sell a car in Dubai, visit CarWise.

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