Three Things to Check When Buying a Bungalow in Kolkata

Three Things to Check When Buying a Bungalow in Kolkata

If you are thinking of buying a bungalow and you want to buy bungalows in Kolkata specifically, then you are in for quite the experience! It can be a thrilling time, knowing that you are going to buy a new home, one that meets your needs and can fit your family, where you can use the money you have worked really hard for and buy a property you have always dreamed of owning. It can be stressful looking at different bungalows and applying for loans but it is worth it when you find a great place to live! Here are three of the more important things you need to check into when you decide to buy.

What are you really able to afford?

It is important to double or even triple-check that you have the money to make this kind of investment. Right now, you need to have a 20% down payment on bungalows for sale Kolkata as banks in India are only allowed to offer you a loan on 80% of the value of the bungalow. Do you have the income to manage the repayment each month? Will you even qualify for a loan? Also look into other costs when it comes to buying a home, fees, taxes and so on. You do not want this purchase to put you into financial trouble and a bungalow in Kolkata is going to be a big investment. You might like the idea of a 4 bedroom bungalow but can you afford that? If not, can you get by on a 3 bedroom bungalow?

What condition is the bungalow in?

Always make sure that not only do you check the bungalow, but that you have someone in a professional capacity do a thorough inspection. You need to know what you are getting yourself into and that there is no major work needed that you are not prepared for. Even newer built bungalows can have problems so do not assume that because it is only 5 years old that everything will be fine. You should try to buy bungalows in Kolkata that are in as good shape as possible. Don’t just look at the obvious things, try to get down to all the dirty details!

Where is the bungalow located?

Buyers looking at bungalows for sale Kolkata sometimes get so into the appearance of the bungalow that they forget to really investigate the location it is in. Do you or someone in your household need to be close to public transport? Do you need medical facilities close by? Do you need a school and parks for children? Do you have a specific hobby that means you need something close by like a swimming pool or library! Visit the bungalow three or four times at different times in the week and at different times in the day or evening to get an idea of things like noise, security, and what the neighbourhood is like.

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