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Tips and Tricks on How to Advertise on Instagram

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Instagram started out in 2010 with a bang. In just under a month or so, they had hit a million users. Back then, it was easier to advertise on the platform, and even cheaper to build a brand. But if you were not lucky enough to be running a business in that era, fret not.

Even though there’s massive competition on the platform, you can still curve out a niche for your business. It is hard, not impossible. Lucky for you, we have curated several tips and tricks that can help you when advertising on Instagram. But first, learn how to create a promotional video using a video maker software.

There are close to 2 billion people you can target on Instagram. Well, if at all you want that big of an audience. However, you can still get more local and international clients by using the platform.

There’s always someone interested in your business. Only problem may be that they don’t know how to reach it. You need to help them reach your business by advertising. 90% of users on the platform follow at least one business. This is a huge potential right before you as a business. So, the following tips and tricks will prove fruitful when you’re trying to reach out to your target audience:

Define Your Goals Clearly

What are you trying to achieve through Instagram followers‘ advertising? Unless you define clearly where you are headed to, then it is pointless to take on the journey. There are different things you can have as goals, including new leads, more traffic, more sales, brand awareness, and a greater online presence, among others.

These goals will determine how you work your way around them. You can even have several goals rather than just one. However, create a way to get to each one of them.

Know Your Audience                        

Who exactly are you targeting in your video ads? If you don’t even know who your target is, then how are you going to aim and take a shot? A little research can help you learn about your target audience. You can either take on the research yourself, or have an independent third party site handle that for you.

The most active Instagram users are the younger demographic of between 18 and 29 years. Also, the largest Instagram market is the USA. Another thing that you should note is that more of the people living in urban areas use Instagram. This is if you compare to the people living in rural areas.

Choose the Right Video Maker

Choose the Right Video Maker

This is another important tip that you should have in your arsenal. At least if you want to wage a successful war without running out of ammo. Video is the ammo in this case, which you need in a marketing war. And what better way to create videos than using a creative video maker software.

There are hundreds of such software online. Nonetheless, you need to be wise in your choices. Pick a tool that can sustain the battle. It should have enough templates and features that you can use when creating videos for Instagram. Otherwise, you can easily get stuck on what to post on Instagram when marketing.

With Instagram, you can barely outshine the competition if you don’t create visually-compelling videos. Attention spans dwindle even more as people get less interested in some type of content. Don’t let your content be among the ones people are ignoring. Use the right videos and video maker.

Use Great Captions

As much as the visuals matter most, what you write to accompany your posts also matters. It is the caption that will tell the viewer what to expect in the video. Besides, if you don’t have captions, you’re practically giving the middle finger to your audience who have hearing problems. What a way to market?

Your brand’s voice is very important. Perhaps just as important as your visuals and looks. Have all the information in your caption in the shortest way you can. It should be convincing and attractive to the viewer.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags help to increase the organic reach of your content. You can become more visible and discoverable by just using the right hashtags on your posts. Sometimes, they may even be more effective than having to spend a lot on advertisements. Rather, you can reduce ad spend to only the basic amounts for your marketing.

Even though you can use up to 30 hashtags on an Instagram post, you don’t want to bore your users with so many of them. Realistically, you can only use a few, probably 5-10, and still reach your desired audience.



As much as you will share videos and use advertising to reach more people, you also need to interact with other profiles. Comment, reply to comments, and ask questions too. People want to feel like there’s the humane side of the brand, which you can only show through engagement.

Final Thoughts

So, that’s about it when it comes to Instagram marketing. Remember to follow these tips to the latter, and use a quality video maker for content production.

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