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5 Easy Tips for Improving Your Home

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As spring approaches, you might get the spring-cleaning bug! Why not use this time to also make some improvements to your home? Here are 5 easy things which will make life in your house or apartment easier and more pleasant.

1. Wash the walls

If your walls are scratched or scuffed, it is time to give them a new coat of paint. Even if their appearance is smooth, however, it doesn’t mean that they couldn’t do with a bit of TLC.

Like everything else in your home walls become dusty over time, the dust is just harder to see on a vertical surface than on a horizontal surface like a floor or a shelf.

Washing your walls will give them back their sheen and brighten up the whole room. Here are some tips on how to wash your walls without damaging the paint.

2. Declutter

Living in an economy which is geared towards endless consumerism, it is very easy to accumulate lots of unnecessary items in your home.

A bright spring day is the ideal time to gather up your energy, go through all your stuff and get rid of anything you don’t use – old clothes, paperwork from years ago, or that dinner set you were gifted for your wedding and can’t stand the sight of.

If you have bulky items which you only use at certain times of the year, put them in storage so they don’t take up space in your home the rest of the time. Www.storagearea.com offers affordable storage locations all over the States.

3. Buy some plants

After the long nights and gray days of winter, spring is the time to liven up your home with some greenery or flowers. Plant seller www.geraniumrozanne.com explains why you should go for potted plants rather than cut flowers: they are much more eco-friendly as most cut flowers are transported thousands of miles from grower to retailer.

They are also much more economical, as you don’t need to keep replacing them. If you don’t think you’re going to remember to water them often enough, go for succulent plants, which only need minimal care, and get into the habit of giving them a bit of water every time you dust around them.

4. Change up your decorations

Decorations, whether they be pictures on the walls or trinkets on a shelf, can really liven up a room. However, after a while our eyes get used to them, and we stop noticing them as much.

Changing up your decorations, such as moving existing ones from room to room, will give your rooms a new lease of life and make them feel as exciting as when you first moved into your house or apartment.

If you are interested in the psychological factors which interior designers take into account when decorating a room, read this brilliant article from www.apartmenttherapy.com.

5. Clean your soft furnishings

Just like walls, soft furnishings are another household item which too often gets left out of the cleaning roster. You can find instructions online on how to clean every type of upholstery that you might possible have – just remember to test your clean on a hidden patch first so that if it goes wrong you haven’t ruined your couch. 

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