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Tips to getting Many You YouTube Likes

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YouTube is one of the highly valued video-sharing platforms and so far the number one platform in the world. It has 2 billion users with all sorts of celebrities, brands, and niches. Succeeding on YouTube means succeeding in business because the number of followers on YouTube can turn into business customers.

Just like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, engagements on YouTube carry a great value and people even buy YouTube likes to have their channel look relevant to the search engines. Here are some of the ways to boost engagement and more so likes to keep your channel relevant. 

Always Optimize Your Videos per the Algorithm

There are always rules for videos to adhere to if they have to rank high on YouTube. If you don’t follow these rules as a YouTuber, your content will remain hidden in the millions of videos and you will not get recognition at all.

Follow these rules, optimize accordingly and you will have the best outcomes. You will boost engagements and have excellent comments. By being visible to many people, you get many likes which will make your account stand out and make competitors beneath you. 

Always User Descriptions 

Descriptions are like explanations of what your videos entail. To boost the number of likes, you need to make it a habit to add these descriptions so that people know what they are watching. Others can even read the description and like the video without even watching it.

It still counts as alike and makes your video to be seen as relevant so it will always rank high on the YouTube Platform. When adding descriptions, don’t forget to use keywords and hashtags so that you enhance the possibility of the video being found when people search online. 

Customize Your Thumbnails 

There is a need to make sure your brand or channel is typical so just like the way you have created a logo, a title, and a sign, it is time to create thumbnails so that you enjoy excellent recognition.

This will help your followers to have the best understanding of your content and like now and then. When you maintain your identifiers, it would be easy for people to know your content and continue to give you likes. Use elements that attract viewer attention so that you don’t lose viewers easily. Remember the more people watch, the more likes you get. 

Always Answer Comments 

Leaving queries or sensitive comments unanswered indicates that you don’t care or you are not even following what you post online. Get time to reply to all these comments so that people know that you exist and you care about their time on your channel. That way, they will always like and comment on your content and this will boost your channel to greater heights. 


Likes are important on YouTube content and just like comments and shares, they promote your channel and make it rank high. Have some strategies to ensure you increase the number of likes your channel has so that you enjoy the excellent performance of the channel. 

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