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5 Tools to Encourage Creative Writing in Classroom

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Creativity makes learning engaging. According to learning experts, everyone has a chance to express his thoughts through creativity.

Once buying college papers online, you have more time to exercise your creativity.

App developers have provided numerous tools for teachers and learners to enhance creativity in class. The tools support students in originating ideas, developing them, and expressing them better.

These tools are easy to use. They can apply to different subjects and topics, making every learning experience an engaging one. 

1. NewseumED

NewseumED is a database of all materials you need in your academic writing. It is a museum of historical data, providing a one-stop library for research on different topics you will be studying in class. The materials are sorted into categories, making it easier for the student to find a specific item. 

NewseumED provides excellent learning materials in different formats. Whether you are looking for PDF, audio, or video resources, they are available on the platform. You will also find photos of newspaper clips of major events in world history. 

The design and comprehensive gathering of these materials make it easy to write your paper. Since you are not looking for reference materials left right and center, you can now focus on delivering the best paper.

Further, the availability of these materials in different formats makes it easier to understand the concepts you will be revising. The platform does not require registration or subscription.

It is designed specifically for educational purposes. This guarantees the best quality reference materials for your academic papers. 

2. Google 

Google is an endless repository of all materials and information you will ever need in your academic work. The platform is available over the phone, laptop, and any other internet accessing device. Google does not require any subscription or registration. 

Google has segmented materials to safeguard the quality and protect children. You can use Google Books to access peer-reviewed resources for academic writing. You do not have to wait for the library to open to access these quality reference materials. 

Google offers all varieties of study materials. From e-books to videos, images, and audio, there is everything you need to enrich your learning experience. You may also follow tutorials from world-renowned scholars and industry players in different sectors.

The classroom may also create a YouTube channel or blog to upload content. There is no limit to what you can do using Google. 

3. Book Creator

Even a one-page essay is a book. It comes with a title, introduction, body, and conclusion. It captures different titles, publication details, and covers.

This is the idea behind Book Creator. It will allow your students to focus on creating content instead of worrying about the structure.

Book Creator provides templates for the production of different academic materials. Whether you want to write a report or a research journal, the template is available on the book creator.

You will be surprised at how well students can create digital books. You can also use the available features to demonstrate different learning points. 

A book creator will also help your student to review their work. It comes with basic graphic design features, enabling your students to customize the book.

The resulting book is saved in a format that can be shared across different platforms. Use the platform to create a collage, storyboards, and prose, among other creative projects for any class. 

4. EduBlogs 

How about setting up a website for your class? It would be a perfect platform to showcase the creativity in your class. The content will inspire your students to take on more daring creative projects. 

Edublogs offers customization options. You will create a blog in the name of your class with the option of allowing everyone to update content on the platform or use an admin. You will be broadcasting your class creativity to the entire world. 

EduBlogs are hosted by WordPress. It is one of the most prolific blogging platforms on the internet. The blogs come with excellent features that allow you to upload text, images, and videos, among other types of content.

You can link the site to social media and other larger education platforms. All the songs, poems, and stories created in class can be seen by the world from the blog. 

5. StoryBird

StoryBird is an idealization tool. It will help your students to become better and thoughtful storytellers. It involves the presentation of the main ideas with sub-topics appearing below each point.

StoryBird gives you an overview of your paper to help you identify loopholes and weaknesses that may affect your performance.

It is colorful and customizable to meet the graphic needs of each project. If you want to build the most watertight idea, StoryBird is the platform to use.

The internet has excellent tools to make learning easy, engaging, and enjoyable. These tools are available for different subjects and topics, but don’t hesitate to ask for help with the best thesis writing services. They will help you to bring up the most creative students in all subjects. 

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