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Transforming one file format into another is known as a file conversion. File conversion has become very popular these days. At times, the sender sends a file, but the receiver of the file cannot open, edit or read it. At this point, file converters come into play. These converters may convert a file into a format that the receiver wants. Most file converters are paid, while others are available online free of cost. Below are some of the top file converters that are available online, hence easy to access by people worldwide. Let’s have a look at them. 

  • Convertio

The best file converter available in the market is Convertio which supports different file formats. Not only this, but you can convert multiple files simultaneously using this software. Its user-friendly interface allows users to convert files very quickly. The file conversion using Convertio is just a three-step process: upload a file from your PC, select the desired file format (the format in which you want to convert the file), and press Convert.

  • Onlineconvertfree.com

Here is another excellent tool for file conversion, and that is onlineconvertfree.com. This conversion software is not only easy to use but supports different file formats as well. It can convert the files into your desired format within seconds. In addition, when you use onlineconvertfree.com, the original layout and formatting of the file remain unchanged; hence the file is converted in the best format. The best thing? All such benefits are available online, so you do not need to download onlineconvertfree.com on your system. Plus, this excellent file converting tool is supported by all browsers.

  • 2pdf.com

If you are searching for an online converter through which you can transform a PDF file into a Word file, then 2pdf.com is an ideal choice. A large number of people use this software due to its multiple benefits. First of all, it can convert PDF files into many different formats. Secondly, you can resize, crop, extract or rotate PDF pages. Thirdly, multiple PDF files can be merged into one single file using 2pdf.com. The process of conversion through this tool is relatively easy. You need to upload the file to the interface of the device. You can take the file from your PC, or you can take it from the Internet. Select the format of the file in which you want to convert. Press Convert and get the desired results. 

  • FreeFileConvert

Do you want to convert documents, images, audio, and videos into different formats? Try using FreeFileConvert. Supporting multiple file formats, FreeFileConvert may allow the conversion of up to five files. 

Final and Last Thoughts:

Many people have difficulty accessing their files, so they need a correct viewer. In terms of a free universal format viewer, there is none. For situations like these, you’ll need a file converter that is free of cost and easy to use. You may still use internet converters to get your files in the format you choose for free. Identifying these free converters among the ad- and virus-infected file converters is challenging. To assist you in finding the most acceptable online converters, a list has been produced above. All the file mentioned above converters are the best in the market and can easily convert files online from one format into another. They have a good interface that is relatively easy to use even though you are converting files for the first time. Do not wait anymore and opt for any of the above tools. 

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