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Types of Effective Training to Blue-Collar Employees in Bangalore

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Imagine having started a business in Bengaluru requiring a blue-collar workforce. How can you keep them motivated through their labour incentive work? 

From uber driver jobs to construction work, these people have been working even during the pandemic. Therefore, their job does not entail a work-from-home opportunity, so harnessing proper training can be effective. 

In the last 12 months, Bengaluru accounted for around 95% of the total blue-collar industry funding. Therefore, job creation opportunities seem to have a bright future. 

Without proper training, the predicted 6.7 lakh blue-collar jobs will not get filled. On-the-job training will offer reinforcement that helps inform them about technology, new opportunities, and growth in this avenue. 

Do you want to invoke an effective training program for your blue-collar employees? Read on! 

The Training Opportunities for Blue-Collar Jobs in Bengaluru

Did you know that Bengaluru led the recovery rate in blue-collar jobs last year? Due to that, numerous companies rose from the rubble to offer fast job search opportunities.

Organizations only invest a minimal amount for the training of blue-collar workers. However, training your workers will eventually make them better and enhance their hands-on experience. 

Take a look at the methods of training this workforce. 

First to the Company– New Employees

New joiners can often find it hard to express their requirements. Therefore, it is your job as an employer to make them comfortable. 

You can conduct an interview and ask them their training requirements. Based on this information, you can create a plan that acts specifically for their interest. In turn, you will be enhancing the growth factor in your company through a simple training plan. 

The new hires will get acquainted and well-situated with the technologies you use. 

Similarly, you need to be transparent about your goals and offer them the content they deserve. There is a new method used by millions of Indian companies called Job Shadowing. With this, you will be training them by showing them how the work is done. 

For example, you can take them to your warehouse and walk them through the technologies and the techniques you expect them to use. Or, you can show them how your employees work in that setting. 

Either way, this will create questions to which you can offer a better answer. Hence, they will understand the role better, and you will build a culture filled with learning opportunities. For new employees, this can be a new beginning. So, make sure to nurture them well if you want them to upskill quickly. 

SIEGER has created numerous mentorships or training programs that you can look into. Bengaluru-based jobs can harness this asset and offer mentorship advice and company insights to new hires. 

All the while, you will be providing support that they may have never seen before.

Long-Term Employees– Seasoned Blue-Collar Workers

Up-skilling your workforce requires on-the-job training regularly. Ideally, every working sector in Bengaluru witnesses training on some level every day. For example, if someone makes a mistake, the supervisor will give them feedback, never to happen again. 

Similarly, as blue-collar workers start to understand their roles, they gain insight into their operations. You can refer to that as training of some sort. Moreover, they have real-time experience with how your workforce operates, which helps them learn the applicable skill. 

This skill that they watched and learned through trial and error will be specific to your business. Due to this, you need to train existing employees as coaches or mentors to new ones. The new employees will learn from the managers, so keeping your managers trained will be helpful. 

You can offer them continuous feedback on the floor or boost their morale while working. Furthermore, planning an exercise that helps to motivate team members or build a stronger team will be ideal. 

Bengaluru is an evolving city, and everyone is moving there in search of jobs. Hence, it seems viable that you offer the best training programs to those who are already here. 

LinkedIn has been working towards offering effective training programs for blue-collar workers across the country. There are numerous employee management programs in Bengaluru that you can look into. 

For the Good of All – Every Blue-Collar Employee

What can be more beneficial than organizing a blended learning program like classroom training? Moreover, you can do this through online learning programs. 

This way, you can demonstrate a program and share information with your entire workforce at once. For example, you can have safety demonstrations in the classroom to discuss hazardous equipment and how to use them. 

It offers them hands-on training where everyone participates in a session of interactive activities. Furthermore, this could be completing a task as a team or watching a video. Either way, online learning is perfect as it promotes decision-making and problem-solving capabilities. 

With collaboration and teamwork training, your workforce can have more accessible knowledge. 

Virtual training is becoming the next learning curve for blue-collar workers in Bengaluru and all across India. 

The Bottom Line

It is easy to train all types of blue-collar workers by setting goals and harnessing teamwork. Moreover, training will help in enhancing the problem-solving abilities of such workers. You can harness classroom training, workshops, and managerial training to upskill your workforce. 

Now you have the training knowledge to start an effective workforce. But, how to hire blue-collar workers?

These days, there are numerous job portals that make it easier to offer job openings to blue-collar workers. Several AI-based Platforms are offering the country quick job search opportunities. Therefore, digitization is changing the face of this industry. 

All of these will help in increasing your company’s turnover rate. Indeed, it is time for you to invoke a training essence in your business. 

Are you ready to harness this and make your blue-collar workforce effective?

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