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UPDF Windows version released

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PDFs have become an increasingly popular phenomenon. Not only are they an effective document storing format but allow for increased accessibility across various devices. However, one cannot unlock the true potential of this digital tool without a PDF editor.

Usually, a number of tasks such as searching a pdf document for information, manipulating pages in the document and copying information are performed by users on a pdf. But what if I were to tell you that you can do all of this and alot more with just one pdf editor. Yes, the first version of UPDF was launched by Superace Software Technologies on 21st May, 2022. Earlier this month,  UDPF was also released for MacOS.

UPDF as per their website is “a unique, productive, delightful and free” pdf editor that supports both text and image editing. This all in one application can act as a powerhouse for all your pdf documents.

It can load documents faster, make it convenient for the users to read and edit these documents as well as ensure that all of your confidential information remains secure. While all of this seems too good to be true, there are a ton of additional features that are uncommon among free pdf editors. Some of the include;

Reading Modes

In order to maximize consumer utility, UPDF comes with four unique reading modes. You can choose between single page and single page scrolling. Otherwise you can also read PDFs like a magazine or book using two page view and two page scrolling.

Annotate PDF

Imagine you are going through a long text and cannot highlight the important parts, feels horrible right? There is no purpose of reading through such large portions if you cannot annotate. But with UPDF this is not the case. You can easily make annotations on text through highlighting, underlining and even striking out sections of text.

Text Edit

Text editing is a feature restricted to only a handful of paid pdf editors. With UPDF not only is it free but you can do it easily. You so add or remove text from your document. Therefore, you have complete control over tcan change the font, style, size and color of your pdf with just a few clicks. Apart from this, you can alhe file.

Manage Pages

One great thing about UPDF is that it allows you to manage and modify PDF documents hassle-free. This means that you can add or delete pages from the file, rearrange or reorder the pages and even extract pages from an existing document to create a new one.

All in all, UPDF can prove to be a great tool for someone who regularly works with PDFs. Despite being the first version of the software, it is loaded with numerous features that can be extremely beneficial to users at multiple instances.

As new updates are added, the social media platform will only become better and equip itself with some of the best features that would help to further enhance the user experience.

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