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Valentine’s day as a new parent

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You might notice that your Valentine plans aren’t quite the same now that you have a newborn or infant as Valentine’s Day approaches. During your nursing marathon sessions and sleepless nights, you may not have time to even run out to Target for a card for your partner. This Valentine’s Day may look a little different for you, but it will still be filled with plenty of love.

You do not have to miss out on this special day just because you have a new baby! Parents can use Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to remind each other how much they care for each other. 

Valentine’s day gift ideas for new parents

  • Handmade time-off vouchers – When you become a parent, everything becomes more time-consuming. Time can be the best gift! If you would like a weekend afternoon off to sleep in, enjoy old hobbies, or just sleep, you can give each other a voucher! Sometimes the greatest gift is having some alone time. This may not be very romantic, but it can give you some breathing room to rest properly.
  • Enjoying time together – We mean real-time connecting, not watching TV or looking at a phone. Nowadays, we are bombarded with information and entertainment, which makes this difficult. Besides, when you feel tired, it’s hard to talk, but perhaps have a  dinner together in a picnic form, including your baby, and just enjoy your time as a family.
  • Write love notes – Show your appreciation for your partner by placing small notes in their lunchbox, wallet or car.
  • Communicate in the language of love – Consider what your partner would really enjoy rather than chocolates and flowers. It might be cleaning the stairs, doing a bit of ironing or fixing a broken door. It could be as simple as cleaning up or ordering takeout from the restaurant so no one has to cook.
  • Take a picture as a family – A fun thing to do on Valentine’s Day since becoming a parent is to take a family photo. Dress up, wear matching clothes, or simply wear red colours. Another sweet thing to do is to paint red on your child’s hand or foot and make an imprint on paper or a card. This is a wonderful way to remember that special day each year.
  • Game night – Pick up an old board game, a deck of cards, or a puzzle. As you play, share with your partner the most memorable parts of your life with your baby.

Final thoughts

Love is in the air, but so are responsibilities for new parents. Nevertheless, this Valentine’s day can be a great opportunity for you to reconnect as a couple, so don’t miss it! Enjoy your time with your loved one and remember your beautiful relationship.

We hope you were inspired by this article to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your partner and newborn.

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