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The Most Valuable Types of Collectibles to Invest In

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If the thought of investing your money in stocks, bonds, or shares sounds more than a little boring, consider buying more tangible items that could provide a fantastic return on your investment.

It will allow you to build a collection that taps into a passion, as you could spend your days finding, organizing, and maintaining precious items to increase your future finances.

Are you ready to get started? Here are the most valuable types of collectibles to invest in.

Fine Art

If money isn’t an issue, a fine art collection is a shrewd financial investment. One painting has the power to sell for millions of dollars. For example, “Salvator Mundi” by Leonardo da Vinci sold for an incredible $450,312,500 at Christies in 2017. 

If you don’t have millions of dollars to invest in art, buy smaller, lesser-known pieces that you believe have the potential to provide a substantial return on your investment. It is perfect for those who have a passion for art. 

Also, follow works from rising stars in the art community. For example, students from the likes of The Royal College of Fine Art and Slade School of Fine Art could be represented by a commercial gallery in two or three years. You could then sell their work for a much higher price.

Comic Books

If you have a passion for comic books, why not collect them? If you’re fortunate enough to get your hands on one or more rare comics, you could sell them for millions of dollars. You can even collect the latest comics to build a superb collection, which you could potentially sell for a considerable sum in the future.


Antique watches are an intelligent investment, as you could sell for a healthy return in many years to come. Most watches are valued for their various features, such as:

  • The materials
  • Model scarcity
  • Maker’s history

However, you must make various considerations when purchasing antique watches. For example, ensure the timepiece is in working condition, has had few owners, and hasn’t experienced many repairs.

Rare Coins

As the number of coin collectors has reduced significantly since its mid-1970s peak, now is the perfect time to become a numismatic (a coin collector). Finding a rare coin in its original mint condition could sell for thousands or millions of dollars at auction. 


If finding rare coins isn’t your thing, consider stamp collecting. The most collectible stamps often feature mistakes or short, rare-proof sheets.

The scarcer the stamp and the older it is, the more valuable it will be in your collection. For example, a 1918 24-cent stamp, known as Inverted Jenny because of its upside biplane, sold for $1.35 million in 2016. It is No. 49 of the 100 stamps made. 

Once you have found a rare stamp, you must safely store it in a stamp collecting book to preserve its quality. Also, take photographs of each rare stamp and include its written history in a digital album, which you can then share with collectors from across the world.

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