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Victoria Gotti House: The New York Mansion

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Celebrities around the world work hard to acquire fame and recognition. After achieving fame, the purpose is to get rich and support their luxurious lifestyles. All celebrities have a common pattern when it comes to having luxuries in life.

Owning a beautiful house, luxurious branded cars, designer clothes, all these things have become more or less a necessity for every celebrity

Victoria Gotti is one of the famous figures who also spend her life luxuriously, and today we are going to talk about her life, career and Victoria Gotti’s house. 

Victoria Gotti’s House 

Victoria Gotti’s house is situated in Old Westbury, New York. It is spread on an area of 7,299 square feet. The house has 5 spacious and luxurious bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. it was bought for $2.7 Million which is now worth more than $3.3 Million. 

This grand mansion is not Victoria Gotti’s new house, in fact, she has spent years in this house and also shared this house with her husband before her divorce. 

Victoria Gotti’s house was also featured in many episodes of the reality Tv show ‘Growing up Gotti’. In the show, she and her family can be seen living in the mansion and going about their lives. Victoria Gotti’s three sons also starred in the show. 

Victoria Gotti’s Background And Early Life 

Victoria Gotti, 58, was born on November 27, 1962. She is An American writer, TV show personality and actress. She is the daughter of the Gambino crime family’s John Gotti. He was the Mafia boss of New York City. 

Despite being from a crime involved background she parted from her family and followed her passion for reading and writing. She joined St. John’s University Queens campus to make a career as a writer. 

Victoria Gotti’s Career 

Victoria started her career as a writer as columnist at New York Post and a reporter at the Fox Television Network. ‘Women and Mitral Valve Prolapse’ was the name of the first book written by Gotti in 1995. She also wrote some novels in the mystery genre, the names are mentioned according to their year of release: 

  • The Senator’s Daughter (1997) 
  • I’ll be watching you (1998) 
  • Superstar (2000) 
  • Hot Italian dish (2006) 

After investing her time in writing novels, she also experimented in writing a memoir of her crime family background named ‘This Family of Mine: What It Was Like Growing Up Gotti’. This book was published in 2009. 

Gotti starred in the TV show ‘Growing Up Gotti’, which was an American reality show and was aired on A&E Network from August 2004 till December 2005.  

In 2012, she made an appearance on reality Tv again as one of the 18 contestants in the show ‘Celebrity Apprentice’. She has been on and off on reality TV shows and is a famous face in the industry. 

Victoria Gotti’s Marriage 

Victoria Gotti married Carmine Angello in 1984. From the marriage together they have 3 children. They lived in a house in Westbury, New York. In 2003, Victoria divorced her husband and as a result of the divorce, she got the Westbury house in 2009. 


Victoria Gotti is an American writer, actress, and Reality Tv personality. After her divorce from her husband Carmine Angello, she received the house in Westbury, New York.  

The house is huge covering an area of 7,299 square feet. She lived most of her life in this house and now her children and grandchildren are also living in the same house. 

Having such a beautiful house as an asset is everyone’s dream. But only a few hard-working people can achieve and follow their dreams. Victoria Gotti is also one of the hard-working people because she didn’t get bound to her family’s business, but she stood tall and make her own name in the world. 

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