Walk In Closet Dimensions Layout Guide

Walk In Closet Dimensions

Walk-in closet dimensions:

On this page, we will share all the basic walk in closet dimensions to get into closet design step by step. Measurements on this page refer to components such as boom height, shelf height and depth, and drawer measurements.

For the basic walk in closet dimensions, continue to read the complete article. This page on walk-in closet dimensions is very helpful.

Walk-in closet dimensions-hanging space:

Let’s start with the walk-in closet dimensions with hanging space. We’ll start with the width you need to store your clothes on pole hangers.

  • A suitable width is 24 inches (61 cm). It happens that it has the same depth as the base cabinet in the kitchen. You can use a smaller size of 20 inches or 51 cm, but my advice is to stick to a comfortable size.
  • So let’s start walk in closet dimensions with hanging space. There are two types, half-height for hanging t-shirts, folded trousers, skirts, and pants, and full-height for hanging long coats and dresses.
  • The average height of medium height is 3 feet 6 inches (1.07 meters), and the average height of full height is 5 feet 6 inches (1.68 meters).

Other details and Steps involved:

When you start designing a closet, one of the steps involves measuring your extension distance so that you can customize the size of the closet according to your height and extension range.

You would use the top shelf only for seasonal storage, depending on your height, if you have a half-height hanging space on top of the other. For example, it is too high for some people to reach it every day.

Another small detail about the hanger bar is the required space between the bar and the top surface. Make sure there are 2 inches (5 cm) of clearance for the hanger to pass through the top of the post. An office space can be used to relocate your business’s office.

Walk-in closet dimensions – Shelves and Drawers: 

Now let’s talk about shelves and drawers. First, some definitions to make sure you know what are these things about.

  • If you see it from the front, the width will be horizontal, the depth to the rear, and the height will be vertical.
  • If your closet will have shelves above or below the rails, it makes sense that they are at the same distance from the rails, about 2 feet or 61 cm. At this depth, it does have logic to store items 2 deep, but for everyday purposes, the shelf needs to be dragged out or used as a drawer.
  • If you plan to place shelves in your own space, then you can choose more shelf depths. 12 inches or 1 foot/30 cm is a common depth because it matches the depth of the kitchen wall cabinet.
  • If you plan to store your shoes on a 1-foot shelf, if your shoes are too large to fit flat shoes on the shelf, you may need to include a special shoe rack to introduce slope.

Height of shelves and drawers:

Let’s talk about the height of shelves and drawers.

  • The shelves in the wardrobe should be adjustable and close together, and the height of the drawer should not be too high. If you have to fold too many clothes together, it will be difficult to keep them tidy, and it will be difficult to find and retrieve them without disturbing and messing up.
  • We suggest not to store more than 3-4 items in folded form. Since the stature of two 3 T-shirts is a lot more modest than 3 fleecy sweaters, the key to getting the right rack tallness is to have the option to change the stature of every rack.
  • One thing to keep in mind is that if the drawers are placed above eye level, their usefulness will be greatly reduced because the contents of the drawer cannot be seen.

Walk in closet dimensions layout:

If you want to dress in a walk-in closet, you need at least 4 x 3 feet (1.2 x 0.91 m) of space. You need 4 feet to sit down and bend over to put on shoes or put your shirt on one arm at a time. The 3-foot size corresponds to the width of the passageway. It turns out that it is the size of a small wardrobe in a retail store. So you have a basic walk in closet dimensions layout.

So this is the guide for basic walk-in closet dimensions layout and dimensions of basic components. Now you can design your walk-in closet with standard dimensions.