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6 Amazing Ways to Find Your Partners Ring Size

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Surprise proposals are the best! Nothing else can match the magical moment of happiness in a surprise proposal.

However, with all the surprise elements involved in a Surprise proposal, it is very hard to plan and harder to keep it a secret from your partner.

Among all the other things involved in the surprise, there is this one thing that is very tricky to find. Your partner’s ring size! If you are not careful while finding this, your surprise may go wrong.

Are you someone all set to propose your better half? Do you find yourself in the same situation wondering how to find your partner’s ring size subtly? We are here to help you with-

6 Amazing Ways to Find Your Partners Ring Size

Before we dive in, remember that all the things mentioned below are to be done subtly, without being so obvious about your true intention.

Friendly favour

Who would know your partner better than her besties? And your partner’s besties will be your best aid to get the job done. Ask your partner’s friends about the ring size. Chances are they will have a relative idea about it.

At some point they might have gifted your partner a ring, right? To get the most accurate results, ask your partner’s closest friend who knows all details about her. And even if they don’t, they can always find it out in their ways! Also, remember to ensure that the said friend does not spoil your secret.

Smooth like Butter

Yes, you will have to slide the ring size topic smoothly into your conversation. So smoothly that there should not be a sliver of doubt. You have to subtly ask your partner about her ring size.

For example, you can start by mentioning that one of your friend is looking for  engagement rings Sydney andwas asking for my opinion. Use your creativity with that and remember to be subtle. This way there is a high chance that your partner reveals her idea of buying rings, telling her ring size in the process! You never know.


If subtle conversation fails to give you the desired answer, try another method. Borrow one of your partner’s existing rings. Now borrowing without permission is a no-no, but considering the cause of your mission, this can be overlooked.

While borrowing the ring, ensure that the ring is the one that fits her finger perfectly. Also, don’t be suspicious with your deed so that the absence of the ring goes unnoticed. After borrowing the ring, trace a circle of its size on a paper and place the ring back to where you took it from.

Take your sibling to be’s help!

Your partner’s sibling will be the perfect person to help you in your mission. It’s very natural for siblings to have easy-flowing conservations about their marriage plans and all once in a while.

So, if you ask your soon to be sibling’s help in finding your partner’s ring size, you will surely receive an eager response. Your mission will be accomplished and no one would know that you were the mastermind!

Take a guess

You can look at your partner’s fingers and compare them with your own. When you observe carefully and take a measured guess, you can guess her ring size. This way of guessing is the simplest, your partner will never guess your intentions.

But this way the probability of your guess being wrong is a little high than you would like to admit. In such a case of doubt, you can simply try on one of her rings on your fingers and remember the fit.

Candid confession

You can make a candid revelation to your partner by directly asking her about the ring size. This will come as a pleasant surprise and your confession will be more special and intimate. Instead of planning behind your partner’s back just to find out her ring size, ask her directly.

This will bring the magic of candour to your confession and your partner will look forward to your proposal! Also this way, you will get a clear idea of what your partner wants her engagement like. After you know the size and preference, the rest of the surprise planning will become easier.

All these are the tips you can use to make your surprise proposal a memorable moment. Best wishes for your plans.

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