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Ways to Pick a Winner for Your Online Contest

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Do you have a Facebook or an Instagram page and do you often organize giveaways for your followers? This article is for you in this case, as we will talk about how to fastly pick a winner for your online contests. There are more ways of how to do this.

This type of sponsoring giveaways is productive if you want to spread the word about your products or someone else’s products (you can build partnerships and make money by promoting products for someone).

According to the number of the participants to the contest, you will need to seriously think about how you will choose the winner. You need to make the whole process transparent and make sure people see that you have made a fair and truly random winner selection.

Only this way you can keep your popularity among other Instagram, Facebook or even Twitter pages making giveaways. And for sure, what you want to do is to make sure you have happy, loyal followers.

Use a Random Name Picker

The first and the most convenient option is to use a Random Name Picker. This is more if you don’t want to assign numbers to your contest participants and if you want to directly choose a name as winner.

The way it works is easy: you will need to enter each name at a time, on a different line and then click on “Draw” and the tool will choose the winner randomly. If you don’t want to waste time by typing in each name, you can have a draft list saved and use it at this moment.

Pick a winner from comments

Another solution you have in a pick winner case is to choose a winner from comments left on your Instagram or Facebook post. If you have organized your contest on Instagram or Facebook and if one of the conditions for the participants was to leave a comment under the post, then you can use this option to select the winner.

You may take the names from the comments list and add them into a sheet, then insert them into the Random Name Picker. You can allow participants to vote with reactions to the favourite participant’s comment or to respond by typing “Vote” or “Like” to the winner’s comment.

Choose a winner from likes/shares

You can also choose a winner from the people who liked your contest post and/or shared it, this being another possible condition for people to get into the contest. It’s an opportunity to increase your community’s support on your Instagram or Facebook page.

Organize your contest around correct and wrong comments or answers

You can insert more answers options in a drop-down menu or “a, b, c” options in a comments list and then filter the answers to find the winner who answered all the questions correctly.

Choose the most voted winner

The last option we have prepared for you is to organize your contest around a voting “competition”. You can ask people, for example, to say who they would share a vacation with (“Which is the most precious person in your life that you would share a vacation to Dubai with?”).

Or you can ask about favourite daily /night skincare products for a cosmetics contest. This way you will allow people to contribute with original, creative ideas and you’ll make sure the participants engage to your post.

If you plan to organise an online contest, make sure you first think about how you’re going to choose the winner as well. You can add this detail in the contest “Terms and Conditions” in order to make sure the participants fully know how the whole process will take place.

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