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Web Design Trends You Must Consider In 2022

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When people look for something in particular, they go through so many websites and their typical web design. But if they get to see something unique and different then there is a possibility that they will click on it just because it looks attractive.

One of your goals is to make an attractive website to impress potential visitors. By having an attractive and amazing website, you will be able to engage the potential customer.

It really doesn’t matter what business or services you offer, whatever it is, you need to have a strong web presence by choosing a good web design, custom animations, site plan, and right brand message among other things.

Although basic web design principles tend to remain the same, trends change every year. Following these trends can help your new website to reach its maximum potential.

Here we will be looking at some of the web design trends you must consider in 2022. So have a brief look down below:

Top Web Design Trends for 2022

Well, we have managed to list the following web design trends that can be used for any kind of website in 2022.

1. Choose 3D Illustrations For Your Webflow Websites

Although it is totally up to you to choose the website builder of your choice, lately the Webflow website has been pretty popular among professionals. The thing is that the Webflow platform is pretty smooth because it doesn’t require any code.

But what makes it popular in 2022 is that it offers so many 3D effects and strategies that are trending these days. Webflow designers have a way of exploring unique 3D elements from different animations and illustrations. By using these 3D effects, web designers can give an artistic look to your website. TOLS Multimedia can help bring your vision to life.

2. Add Organic Shapes On Your Webflow Site

After the success of geometric shapes back in 2019, organic shapes have become a new trend in 2022. Web designers are more focused on creating fluid or organic shapes within the design that don’t have straight lines.

Apparently, during the covid-era, people liked web design that occurs in nature or resembles it. These shapes may include the river’s flow or mountain edges, clouds swinging through wind, and other raw things in nature.

3. Dark Mode

You may have noticed that all the apps you usually use have the option of dark mode these days. Well, it’s kind of trending in 2022.

If you develop your website through Webflow, the Webflow experts program offers low-contrast applications or websites that you can browse in low-light environments. The dark mode also serves as a battery saver. Plus, it is really good for the eyes. The dark mode won’t stress your eyes. helps you highlight a particular content type as well.

4. Changes in Scrolling

The Webflow design offers full customization of your website. These days you can add custom animations, vertical or horizontal browsing options, premium design, brand message, and many other things like that.

What seems to be most trending in 2022 is changes in scrolling. Webflow projects allow users to operate websites through the transformation of scroll animations and horizontal scrolling.

The idea is to make websites more accessible and engaging for users. Scrolling options will help the website by becoming more functional.

5. Hire a Webflow Design Agency For Parallax Animations

Parallax refers to an optical illusion in which nearer objects seem to move quicker than distant objects. This parallax effect has become pretty popular in 2022 because it looks cool and very realistic on any website.

However, using them properly is crucial. You do want to use the advantage of immersion by using background and foreground for creating depth but not on an extreme level. Hiring a Webflow web design Company could help you use parallax animations. 

6. Choose Your Pick: Maximalist or Minimalist

To be honest, both maximalist and minimalist web designs are trendy in 2022.

Minimalist website designers want to emphasize “Less is more” and somehow it grows on you because you don’t have to add so many things to your website. You can limit the extra design elements.

But mostly, it is related to your target audience. Do you think that a simple website can appeal to your target audience? If yes, then go all the way in. If not, try the maximalist approach. You will be able to offer value to creative expression by choosing this approach.

So many companies have gone above and beyond to form so many creative expressions. The advantage of the maximalist web design trend gives you more freedom and less restriction for showing creative expressions.

7. Try Light Colors

When we talk about visuals, colors are the first things that catch our attention. Having solid colors in the website grids and blocks of solid may drain the cool vibe so go with the flow of choosing neutral tones.

If you want people to stay on your website for a long time then choose light colors, low-saturation, and comfortable colors. Natural tones/shades can make your visitor comfortable and allow him/her at ease while scrolling.

8. Try Web Designing According to Your Causes

One cannot deny the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and in those challenging times, the internet has been a huge refuge for each and every one.

Starting from school kids having their online classes to professionals working from home and attending virtual conferences, it is overwhelming but pretty smooth as well.

In these times, we have seen that so many web designers turn to a more creative approach while designing their websites. They used unique and meaningful designs to show off their business and how it can help people in these times.

Some of the web designs are imperfect professionally but no one can deny that they are natural and that’s the reason why they seem so real and somehow add value to our life. Using such an approach can also work in your favor.

Defying norms isn’t easy but when you have a site plan, execute it well and make your mark by an impactful design.

These trends may just be the tip of the iceberg as there are plenty of more trends. But gradual transition and continuous development are all that matters. So, hop on the transitioning bandwagon and let the new trends sink in one by one.

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