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What Are the Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365?

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Microsoft Dynamics AX has long been a popular ERP system. Now, its successor, Microsoft Dynamics 365, offers even more capabilities to businesses. Regardless of whether you choose the cloud or on-premises version, Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides powerful functionality that can give your company a competitive advantage.

This article will delve into the specific benefits of this software in more detail.

High Customization and Optimized Licensing Costs

Microsoft Dynamics 365 FSCM offers a wide range of functionality. At the same time, it allows you to choose which features you want to use. Instead of purchasing an ultimate software suite, you can select only the options that will benefit your company, and add or remove modules as needed in the future.

For example, the application for finance and operations has been divided into two separate ones, Finance and Supply Chain Management, allowing you to select one or both.

This level of customization helps enterprises to save money by using the relevant functionality.

In addition, this ERP system does not provide maximum access for an unlimited number of users by default. It allows companies to decide how many users they need and what their privileges should be. Additionally, licensing payments are monthly rather than annual, which makes it possible for enterprises to adjust the number of users on the go and scale their software up or down.

Powerful Capabilities     

Powerful Capabilities

Microsoft Dynamics 365 has adopted the latest technology, including artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT), to enhance its capabilities.

The Microsoft Business Intelligence feature goes beyond advanced statistics by utilizing machine learning techniques, providing your company with a powerful solution for predictions. Whether you need to analyze your finances and make forecasts, plan procurement and production, or create new routes for transportation, machine learning algorithms can extract valuable insights from your company’s data. At the same time, the software will automatically generate comprehensive and accurate reports containing this information.

Automation also empowers the financial application of Microsoft Dynamics 365 allowing its users to save a lot of time on repetitive, error-prone tasks. In turn, it gives employees more possibilities to work on more intellectually engaging projects and avoid costly mistakes.

The IoT is another powerful tool for forecasting and management, especially when it comes to assets and machinery. For example, you can use it to receive real-time information about the performance and condition of your production equipment or vehicles to plan their maintenance more effectively, ultimately avoiding costly repairs and downtime.

Compatibility with Portable Devices and Integrations

The cloud-based version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be accessed through a web browser or a dedicated mobile app. This implementation option offers high flexibility to employees, particularly in field services and transportation. Regardless of location, as long as there is Internet connectivity, staff can access the ERP system. Meanwhile, in case of system updates, all of the devices will have the same version of the software.

Additionally, Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be seamlessly integrated with a variety of Microsoft and third-party applications, including SharePoint, Outlook, Office 365, OneNote, Exchange, and Yammer.

Assistance for International Enterprises

Companies of all sizes can rely on Microsoft Dynamics 365 FSCM, as it is one of the best ERP systems available for large corporations with a global presence.

This software can be easily scaled up or down to accommodate organizations that experience dynamic changes. It is also beneficial for international businesses, as it can be tailored to various regions. Not only does it have different language versions, but it can also be adjusted to local bank requirements and tax regulations.bank requirements, and tax regulations. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 FSCM , you can easily adapt your financial operations to meet the governmental regulations of each country where your company has branches.

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