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What are the challenges faced in mobile app testing?

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What is mobile app testing?

Mobile app testing is a method of testing applications or software designed for real iOS and Android devices. It is a comprehensive platform that offers everything an organisation would require to perform tests based on factors from device availablity to the management of in-house devices.

What are the challenges faced?

While some organizations believe that the lack of devices is a key challenge, others point towards the absence of essential tools. Taking in all the factors that affect mobile app testing, let’s discuss some of the key challenges faced.

The complex ecosystem of devices and platforms.

If you explore the variety of platforms, devices, and OS versions that are available, you will open a Pandora’s box full of questions. There are two major platforms, iOS and Android, which along with several others are fragmented and branch out into a variety of devices, all catering with varying features and capabilities. This is where you, as a online business leader, need to be patient and keep working.

While testing an app on Android, you will be required to pick out a device from a variety of options and make sure it is compatible with the OS version running on your devices. It is hard to determine specific ways of testing when there is a diverse selection out there that requires personalized testing methods. 

Understanding the needs of a diverse audience.

While most strategies of testing revolve around the app’s key performance, on the contrary testers must make sure to cater to the needs of the audience. Addressing the issues and problems from the point of view of the end-user is what makes the testing effective. 

And this is why professional teams make sure they follow hygiene checks while testing, including the following points.

  • Check for developmental mistakes
  • Design errors
  • Bad UI design 
  • Ensure the app meets the need of a niche audience

Automation vs real-time user testing.

With the increasing availability of emulators, automation testing has become a preferred option in the market. There is no doubt in the fact that emulators and simulators have created a wave of change in developed companies and amidst testing teams by allowing them access to better options without needing access to devices. When it comes to effectiveness, actual device testing is unbeatable. It is because they hold better capacity and have a better testing output.

It is also important to understand actual testing will not replace emulators and simulators. They will serve well as a substitute option for development organisations. Visit Here, for the quality Mobile App Development Services.

Too many options of network conditions to choose from.

While working on testing projects, developers and testers work with the best network speed and often forget it isn’t the same case for the users. 

Every app must be evaluated for various factors ranging from poor network connectivity to the best high speed connectivity.

The only answer to fixing and bridging this gap is by testing the app under different network conditions or providing alternative versions for those who have issues like local device caching or progressive lazy loading. It is to help put the user in control and deliver effective experience. 

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