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What Causes Hair Damage? 10 Things You Should Never Do

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A woman’s hair is the first most noticeable part of her personality. A good hair look enhances your overall look and makes you feel confident. But in our hustle-bustle routine, we care less about our hair look and feel, and resultantly got dull and lifeless hair.

Well, there are plenty of reasons for rough and dull-looking hair such as improper diet, stress, low-quality hair products, excessive hair dying, etc, but apart from that, we have abundant small hair damaging habits in our daily routine which we should never do. 

In this blog, we’ve writing habits that cause hair damage and ruin your looks; 

  • Excessive Combing

Excessive Combing

Excessive combing is one of the most harmful things for your hair. It can cause split ends, dry and thin hair. Instead of using a brush over and over, you can use your hands every time you need to manage your hair.

  • Over Shampooing

The main aim of shampoo is to get rid of oil from the scalp and clean them, but excessive washing will lose all the natural moisture and make your hair faster and lifeless.

Moreover, the daily shampoo will cause your hair to breakage. If you take a shower daily, use a shower cap and wash your hair only twice a week. And more importantly, avoid changing your choice of shampoo very often. 

  • Not Using Conditioner

Not using a conditioner is a horrible mistake especially for frizzy hair people. You can lack all the hair luster when you skip this step after shampooing. Conditioning makes your hair straighter, shinner, and manageable.

Well, keep in mind that conditioner is not for the scalp, it is used only on tips of the hair. If applied to the scalp; it may damage hair follicles permanently. However, conditioner protects hair from damage and improves hair growth. 

  • Unfiltered Water Damage

Unfiltered Water Damage

Hard water is also one of the noticeable reasons for hair damage. Unfiltered tap water has an abundance of chlorine, minerals, heavy soluble metals, and salts that form mineral residue on your scalp, weaken your hair roots, and damage the shine.

It would be best if you started taking more precautions to eliminate these impurities from your water. One of the best solutions is to install an eco shower head for hard water purification and filtration. It prevents the chemicals and minerals from going through the water and coming in contact with your hair. 

  • Improper Diet

An improper diet can have a significant impact on your hair quality and strength. If you don’t take enough minerals and protein in your food, it will affect your hair and skin quality. Take food that is rich in iron, omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, and protein. Shift junk (fast) foods to organic meals and drink plenty of water every day. 

  • Drying Hairs Roughly With A Towel

Wet hairs are weaker and fragile and tend to break more. Towel drying in a rough manner can harm your hair and damage them badly. You can use a microfiber towel or adopt an air-drying method to reduce the risk of damage. 

  • No haircut or trim

Long hair obsession is everywhere and women didn’t visit salons for months, not even for trimming. However, a trim or a haircut is necessary once in a while. It is required to keep away from split and dead ends. A trim or a haircut is a must-have every 6 weeks. 

  • Making tight hairstyles

Making tight hairstyles

Making tight buns and ponytails on a regular basis is not suitable for hair. It causes pressure on the hair roots making them fragile which can damage and limit the growth of the hairs. Don’t make extra tight hairstyles every day, rather go for some loose hair braids and messy buns. 

  • Excessive use of heat

The frequent use of hot styling tools damages your hair’s shine, luster and causes great damage to them. A straightener, blow dryer, or curler can be your best hair styling tool, but they are your worst enemies.

Make sure to apply heat protection spray before styling, and try to adopt more natural ways such as natural braids, sea salt spray for beachy waves, or no-heat curls. It will protect your hair from extreme damage.

  • Coloring hair at home

Dying hair at home is a big NO-NO to every woman. These days women are obsessed with trying different colors on hair through chalks, powder color, tube colors, etc, which looks great but the amount of damage it can cause is horrible.

Hair colors contain high-power chemicals that not only damage the ends but roots of your hair and scalp. It can totally alter the real composition of the hair. If coloring is essential for your looks then do not do it more than twice a year. 

Skip all bad habits from your daily hair care routine that can cause hair damage, adopt good ways and make your hair healthier and shinier.

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