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What Does Out For Delivery Mean?

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What does out for delivery mean? While purchasing something online, you have seen a term used out for delivery. Out for delivery means that the thing you have purchased online is on its way to you and will reach you on the same day or the coming day.

As the world is rapidly progressing towards everything online, so many of us face issues with terms of the online world. Do you want to be familiar with all the terms related to online deliveries? Let’s learn everything about online deliveries.

How Do Online Deliveries Work?

After shopping online, you may have never thought about how complex the online deliveries procedure might be. Whenever you buy something online out of your own country; It goes from various steps to reach you. Let me discuss with you all the steps that an online delivery goes through before coming to you.

Steps Of Online Delivery:

The delivery goes through various steps. Let me tell you the main steps that it goes from.

1- Arrival Scan

2- Departure Scan

3- In Transit

4- Destination Scan

5- Out for Delivery

6- Deliver to You

Sometimes, the delivery can’t reach you due to specific reasons. So it’s sent back to the sender.

7- Return to sender

Now let’s learn one by one what these steps mean.

  • Arrival Scan:

It is the very first step after you order something. It is an electronic record which means that the shipment has been taken to a USPS facility. USPS stands for United States Postal Service. The load may go through several USPS in the same country or different countries.

  • Departure Scan:

When the shipment goes leaves one USPS facility, the process is called departure Scan. It means that the shipment has departed one USPS facility.

  • In Transit:

When a shipment departs one Arrival Scan, it may move to another. At the same time, the freight is moving from one Arrival Scan to another one, called in Transit.

  • Destination Scan:

After going through many Arrival Scans, finally, the shipment finally reached the last USPS facility. This USPS is probably in your own country and may or may not be very close to you. Hence, the destination scan is the last Arrival Scan a shipment will go through.

  • Out for Delivery

As the shipment reaches the final Arrival Scan, it will not take much time now to get you. When the parcel is out for delivery, it means your product is in the truck from the Arrival Scan and coming to you.

When our shipment is out for delivery, we may think it will reach by the day. It may get the same as that, but it isn’t always the case. It depends on various factors that how much time it might take. Let me tell you briefly what those factors are.

How Much Time Will It Take When The Shipment Is Out For Delivery?

The time for delivery depends on many factors. Some of these factors are mentioned below.

1-Whether or not, it is a weekend. We know that on weekends no one works. So if your shipment is out for delivery on weekends, it can take two to three days more than usual.

2- The place where you live. If you live in a rural village, it will take longer to receive your shipments than one living in an urban. And if you reside in a city, there are some narrow streets where the truck might enter and take back your shipment. How far you may be from the Destination Scan.

Maybe you live beside the Destination Scan and receive the shipments minutes after they are out for delivery. Or might you live far away from the Destination scan and have to wait for days to get your delivery.

What Is Meant By USPS Out For Delivery?

USPS stands for United States Postal Service. USPS out-of-delivery is simply the same out-for-delivery. Both mean that your home delivery has been taken by the truck from the destination scan and left for you. You should be present at the given address on the same and the coming day.

  • Delivered:

The last step of online delivery is the delivery of the things you have ordered at your doorsteps. After maybe waiting impatiently for days or weeks, finally, you get your order completed.

The complicated process comes to an end when you get your shipment delivered. But, sometimes this may don’t happen due to several reasons. And the load goes back to the sender. Let’s discover the reasons for a shipment going back to the sender.

  • Returning To The Sender:

In a few cases, unfortunately, you won’t get your order in your hands. It can occur due to various causes. Let’s see in what circumstances we will be unable to receive our orders.

It may be due to a lack of postage, or the habitant may have moved without giving a forwarding address. So, the shipment has been taken back to the sender.

Can I Get A Refund If My Package Is Returned?

To make the answer short, no. You can’t get the paid money back if the order is returned to the sender. It is because the sender has invested so much of his money to send your order to your place. And Incase you won’t get the order, that might be taken as your mistake. So you will pay for your mistakes.


To conclude, the process of shipping any online orders isn’t as easy as it seems to be. It takes a long, complicated, and beyond thinkable process. I hope everything is clear to you. You got the answer, “What does out for delivery mean?” And now you know well what is out of delivery.

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