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What Features Are On the Premium Package of Spotify

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As on any other platform, Spotify also has several packages that users can choose from. The more expensive the package is, the more elite services one enjoys. As a person, you need to make sure you know your goals for you to select the membership plan that suits you best.

When selecting a membership, you will know the services that you get from it before you even pay for it.  Spotify premium packages cost between $4 to $10 a month depending on the subcategory that you choose. Here are some of the privileges you enjoy as a premium package subscriber.  You can buy Spotify playlist followers at any membership level. 

You Can Download Music 

Downloading music is a feature that you get only when you are in the premium package. This enables you to listen to music even when you are in areas where there is no network. You can also listen to music even without opening the app when you download the songs.

when you have friends and they are interested in what you are listening to, you can transfer the music to them through Bluetooth. If know you want to download music, go for the premium package. 

There Are No Ads 

Do you normally get bored when you see an Ad on the video or audio you are listening to? Worry not because the premium package is going to make you enjoy ad-free music. There is no stopping the music because ads normally stop streaming until they are over.

Even for those who upload music to the platform, Ads are excluded from their music so their followers can enjoy pure and non-stop music at all times. Always make sure you have the best playlists before you buy Spotify playlist followers so that you don’t bore them. 

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You Can Play Any Song

When on the premium package, you can play any songs from any musician. This is the best thing because it means whatever genre or artist you want to listen to; it is always there for you.

The basic membership doesn’t allow one to listen to some tracks including trending ones, the ones with most plays, and the ones that a lot of people have endorsed. If you want to have the most of Spotify, the premium membership is always the best and you can enjoy excellent outcomes. 

If a certain track is boring or you want to listen to a specific part or song, the premium package allows you to skip from one point to another. As for the basic members, you will have to stick to the song until it’s over then you can skip to another song which is sometimes boring.


Spotify premium is the real deal so everyone who wants some of the best entertainment should go for it. You can start with the three months’ trial so that you test how it feels like before you subscribe to the membership. Enjoy every moment everywhere you go because you will have access to thousands of songs from across the globe.

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