What is Keyword Golden Ratio and Why it is Important?

What is Keyword Golden Ration

Are you looking for ways to instantly rank on Google and get rid of a Google Sandbox? then this article is going to be a game changer for you contains the best SEO practices that will get you on top of Google in a few days, not in months.

The name of this technique is Keyword Golden Ration(KGR)!

Since the technique of Keyword Golden Ration has came into play many bloggers have taken benefit from it and discover a worthy keywords that have no competition.

Make sure to read this article till the end and at the end of this article, you are come to know about “What is Keyword Golden Ratio” and How to Calculate It?

What is Keyword Golden Ratio?

KGR is a data-driven technique introduced by Doug Cunnington, aims to identify keywords that quickly rank on Google and have very little competition.

How to Calculate Keyword Golden Ratio?

The number of Google search results with allintitle operator divided by volume of the keyword, where volume must be less than 250.

KGR = No of allintitle Results / Search Volume of the Keyword

< 0.25                                  0.25 – 1.00                       1.00<
Low Competiton                      Medium                   High Competition

If you are a beginner, my recommendation is to go with a below <0.25 keywords. By using low competition KGR keywords you have a great chance to rank in the top 5 pages as soon as your page will index on Google.

allintitle search operator: This help us to find, currently how many competitor is using the exact match of the keyword in the Meta title.

How to Search a KGR Keywords?

First of all, you have to research a keyword according to the KGR rule. Find low competition keywords by using the Free keyword research tools or through Google suggestions.

Google will suggest a lot of keywords when you just start writing a query on the search bar.

Keyword Golden Ratio

Keep in mind you have to find a keyword whose volume is less than 250. After finding the keyword simply put it on google with allintitle query.

allintitle operator

For example: best men’s shaving cream for sensitive skin is my keyword whose search volume is 100 and has 2 allintitle results. This means only two competitors are using exact match of this keyword on their title.

I simply apply the Keyword Golden Ratio formula on it, by dividing 2/100 = 0.02.

Benefits of KGR

There are a lot of advantage you will catch after apply this SEO technique, but prominent of them are as follow:

Convenient Source of Ranking for New Websites

Google always prioritizes the authoritative and old websites when it comes to ranking. The new website has to wait for months to grab the traffic that they deserve.

But by applying the Keyword Golden Ration technique a new website have a good opportunity to get the ranking on a top position.

Rank with a Few Backlinks

Basically, KGR is the process of searching the low-hanging keywords that required a low or no backlinks to rank on Google.


AdSense Approval:

As we know only traffic websites got approval by AdSense. If you stay on this technique, I’m sure you will make your site AdSense approved in a minimum time.

Final Words

KGR plans up our strategies by providing us a concise way to get on top of Google. The only thing that you have to do is to make stronger your keyword research abilities.

That will helps you to discover wonderful KGR keywords that have no competition on Search Engine.

Now, I hope you are aware of the Keyword Golden Ratio strategy and how to find it in an easier way. If your friends don’t know about this technique, let them help by sharing this article “What is Keyword Golden Ratio” with them by sharing it on your social media channels.