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What Kind of Computer Do I Need for Photo Editing?

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Whether you’re an amateur photo editor working on your own images for fun, or someone who is looking to purchase a new desktop for professional photography edits, the tech side of things can be somewhat confusing. 

The great news is, there are plenty of options to suit your needs!

How Much Software Will You Be Using?

Photo editing is generally a very software heavy task, and while most software is now programmed to run as efficiently as possible on any machine, if you plan on using multiple programs simultaneously, then it could be beneficial to get something with a slightly faster processing speed. 

Where Will You Store Your Files?

If you are planning on saving a lot of images on your desktop, then you are going to require a larger memory. Whilst 8GB of memory is probably ample for the home enthusiast, it may not be enough for a more professional set up where you will not only be storing completed edits, but possibly multiple versions / trials of individual photos edits ready to show clients. 

One image may have multiple edits, which while are very small individually, can soon mount up to a huge amount of storage space, and we all know saving high resolution pictures for potential print as opposed to website sized photos can eat up our storage capacity rather quickly!

Luckily, most desktop PC’s now come with higher storage as standard in comparison to their mobile laptop counterparts. 

If you are going to be producing lots of edits on behalf of clients, you may also want to consider cloud storage. This will allow you to save some money on the initial purchase and have your work automatically backed up for you. 

Get Advice

Luckily, there is help at hand if you’re really uncertain what machine is going to be best for your needs. 

You want to attempt to get the most cost effective solution which will still meet your criteria. 

If you’re looking for a great option for a desktop for photo editing, then Lenovo have some great options and even better prices. The best thing is, their web chat service will allow you to actually speak to an advisor about which machine is going to be the best to suit your needs. 


In short, you want to attempt to find a machine that meets all of your criteria at the best possible price. Make a list of all the things you need the desktop PC to do, and then speak to an advisor to see what they are able to match you to at the lowest possible cost.

Ensure you purchase a machine with warranty as this will give you peace of mind that if anything goes wrong you will get top notch service and have your device working quickly again for you to carry on working. 

Cloud storage is also a great option for anyone planning on doing lots of client edits and can help you some money on your desktop.

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