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What Things Can Naturally Increase Your Core Body Temperature?

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One way to achieve the weight and body size you dream is through improving your metabolism and assisting the bodily functions through exercise. However, did you know that there is a substantial linkage between metabolism and body temperature?

Those who have lower core body temperature have a higher risk of becoming overweight compared to the rest. Yes, what you have read is true, and is backed up by several scientific studies.

Fortunately, there are some things you can do for your temperature, which means losing weight and attaining faster metabolism is still possible. What are those? That is what you can find out in this article.

What You Need to Know About Body Temperature 

Before going further to the main concept on how to increase your body temperature, understanding things about the matter is great. As such, you cannot just simply go to an extremely hot place for an increased body heat. Indeed, in regards to metabolism, you need to focus on the core body temperature.

Do you know what core body temperature is? Are you curious about its importance? Experts identify two types of body temperature. These are core body temperature and peripheral body temperature.

The peripheral body temperature is also called the surface temperature because it can be measured through the external part of the body. On the other hand, core body temperature is the body’s internal temperature. Like peripheral body temperature, it is also expressed in degrees Celsius. 

The normal body temperature falls around 36.5-37.5 °C, with the average level of 37. If that becomes lower or higher, especially by around 10 degrees, it is an indication that something different is happening inside your body.

However, there is nothing wrong if your peripheral body temperature keeps changing, because it can be influenced by external factors such as the environmental temperature. As highlighted on Healthcanal’s piece about physical health and weight loss, as for the core body temperature, it should be more consistent. 

Ways to Increase the Core Body Temperature Naturally

Workout, Exercise or Performing Bodily Movements 

If you are tired of hearing the word exercise and workout, then at least keep your body moving. If you move your body, whether it is through weight lifting, running, or minutes of moving, such movements heats up your muscles. Surprisingly, when muscles are heating up, your core body temperature follows as well. 

Drying off Right After Heavy Activities

Upon doing exercise, long walks, or heavy workouts, it is impossible that your body will not release sweat. If your seat stays on your body, your core temperature will eventually go down. Thus, if you want to retain your core body temperature, it is important to dry off.

Rehydrating or Drinking Water 

It is true that water can decrease your body temperature. However, it contributes to a temperature increase as well. Such a benefit occurs when your body may become too cold. But why should you stay hydrated? When the body is cold, it will naturally make itself hot. But that will only be possible if you have enough water inside your body.

Letting the Body Shiver as Necessary

 When experiencing too much bodily stress, your body might start shivering. While it seems to be an unpleasant feeling, there is nothing wrong with it. Instead, it is the body’s natural way to attain the right temperature. Eventually, you will stop shivering if you are about to reach unhealthy body heat.

Heat-Producing Foods Consumption 

There are certain foods that can make your body heat up naturally. The good news is that most of them are healthy. Great examples are banana, sweet potato, butternut squash, and oats. Drinking ginger tea is also helpful as it promotes thermogenesis. Indeed, Mitchelle Morgan, author of a Health journal also highlighted this in one of her journal entries. 

Banana contains Magnesium and Vitamin B, which helps your adrenal gland function properly. Sweet potato on the other hand is rich in Potassium, fiber, and vitamin A and C. Like other root vegetables, it needs more energy so that they can freely move through the digestive system. Butternut Squash works in a similar manner, especially if you serve it as soup. Also, oat meals contain lots of fiber, making your body temperature increase.

Heat Therapy, Hot Spa, and Hot Bath 

Heat therapy is common for those who wish for pain relief, reduce joint stiffness, and alleviate muscle spasms. Indeed, it is one of the most recommended remedies for common ailments.

As the name of the therapy implies, it uses heat and therefore, increases your body temperature as well. Hot spas and baths also work in a similar way. Aside from increasing the core body temperature, it promotes relaxation. Keep in mind that high stress levels contribute to unhealthy metabolism. 

Having a Warm Resting Place 

You are highly free of doing this during winter. Pick a warm bed and if necessary, have an extra pillows and additional blanket. If your finances will permit, purchase an electric foot warmer. This will help your body retain the average temperature, and makes your metabolism consistent. 

Closing Thoughts 

The body can regulate its temperature as needed. However, there are some things you can do to help the body function healthier than what it can do upon unconscious neglect.

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