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When Should You Apply for Google Ad Grants?

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Non-profit organizations often need to advertise their business just as much as for-profit companies that buy and sell products and services. However, it can be more challenging for non-profits to do this. Google Ad Grants can ensure that you are able to get free advertising for your company, and this guide will go through some examples of when it would be a good idea to apply for Google Ad Grants for your company. 

When you are struggling financially 

Google Ad Grants are for charities who can’t afford to pay out for advertisements and other marketing materials, such as posters and flyers. Google Ad Grants can ensure that you’re able to promote your organization on the internet without having to pay a penny.

Once you have obtained the grant that you need, Google Ads can ensure that your advertisement reaches your target audience. Usually, you would have to pay for these ads when customers visit your website or click on the links on your posters.

However, with Google Ad Grants, you’ll be able to reap all of the rewards without struggling financially for the success of these ads. Then, you should research more about free grants for nonprofits that can boost your digital marketing campaigns. 

When you lack visibility 

You should also consider applying for Google Ad Grants if your charity or non-profit lacks the visibility it needs to thrive. As a charity, it can be difficult to create professional adverts and get them out there for potential supporters to see. However, when you use Google Ads, you can ensure that potential leads are targeted and that their attention is grabbed when they are most likely to follow through and support your business.

These ads will appear everywhere, from Google search pages to Google Maps, and can ensure that your potential donators start to recognize your adverts and see them whenever they use the internet. The more they are familiar with your advert, the more likely it will be that they will pay an interest in your business. 

When you don’t have a strategy  

Many non-profit leaders have a lot of different elements of their organization to think about and run, from recruitment and payroll to public relations. Sometimes, the marketing strategy of the non-profit in question is often left and ignored.

Google Ads Grants can help you to build up your strategy from nothing and create a starting point from which you can grow your marketing campaign. Even if you simply stick with using Google Ads and don’t expand your campaign, you’ll still be able to attract a steady influx of customers and supporters who are interested in what your company has to offer. 

You shouldn’t be afraid to apply for the Google Ad Grant program if you meet the criteria. Instead, you should consider whether a Google Ad Grant will be beneficial to your company and whether it can allow your company to succeed and maintain this success for many years. 

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