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Which Certification is the Best for Microsoft Azure

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The contemporary world is full of new tools and technologies, particularly in the information technology space. Every day we see new practices being formulated to help organizations resolve critical issues that once seemed impossible to solve.

Organizations now don’t need to invest heavily and wait long to develop infrastructure for storage, computation, big data analytics, and networking. Everything is available as a service on-demand model commonly known as cloud technologies.

Many organizations have benefited from the convenience offered by cloud services from established platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform, etc.

On the one hand, cloud technology has offered solutions to existing problems. On the other hand, it has opened the door for new technologies such as the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality.

Undoubtedly, cloud services are essential for many organizations, and demand for them will increase further as more and more organizations opt for cloud services. It is indeed a very potential and stable career option in the coming decade.

If a professional is interested in seeking an exciting career in the cloud space, he needs to work on one of the cloud platforms.

Learning and getting a Microsoft Azure certification can be the first step for professionals interested in working on the Microsoft Azure platform. Azure offers plenty of credentials based on the job roles and helps assess one’s skills and understanding of Azure services.

One can take Azure training online to prepare for these certifications. The current article lists various Azure credentials one can opt for multiple roles and is an attempt to provide some clarity to professionals who are new to cloud platforms.

The list of certifications also happens to be the most in-demand Azure certifications of 2021 that will boost your resume. So, let’s dive in!

Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies – Exam AZ-303

Azure solution architect primarily works with clients to translate business requirements into innovative, scalable, secure, and robust cloud solutions.

Since it requires good skill sets on designing and implementing reliable solutions on the Azure cloud platform, Microsoft Azure certification is highly recommended for enhancing and assessing one’s capabilities. The test linked with the AZ-303 certificate assesses one’s understanding of the following detailed technical tasks:
● Implementing and monitoring Azure infrastructure
● Innovative solution for Apps.
● Data platforms management.
● Developing highly secure solutions

One must develop an in-depth understanding of all topics before opting for this exam. Some of the key topics one should work on are networking, budgeting, disaster recovery, business continuity, virtualization, and other IT operations.

Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals – Exam AZ-900

This certification is designed for someone willing to begin their career journey in the Microsoft Azure platform. One who has the basic knowledge of Microsoft Azure cloud services and their offerings.

This certification helps one demonstrate their understanding and skillsets on Azure cloud services basics, workloads, offerings, pricing, privacy, security, and support. To achieve the credential, one has to appear for the test AZ-900. This test is designed to gauge the knowledge of candidates appearing on the following broad topics.

● Cloud Basics
● Azure services or offerings
● Core solutions and management tools (Azure)
● Identity, governance, privacy, and compliance
● Azure cost management and service level agreements
● General and network security

Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator Associate – Exam AZ-104

The primary responsibility of an Azure administrator in any organization is to implement, manage, and monitor the Azure environment, which includes tasks such as identity, governance, compute, storage, and virtual networks.

Anyone working as an Azure administrator and looking to add more value to their career path should opt for this certification.

To achieve the credential, one must appear for the AZ-104 exams and is recommended to understand the core Azure services, Azure workloads, PowerShell, Azure CLI, Azure portal, and Azure Resource Manager templates. Following are the broad topics one has to be prepared for before the exams.

● Implementing and managing storage.
● Managing identities and governance
● Deploying and managing compute resources
● Monitoring and backing up resources
● Configuring and managing virtual network

Microsoft Certified Azure Security Engineer Associate – Exam AZ-500

Professional working as an Azure Security engineer is required to maintain the security posture of a company. Professional needs to identify vulnerabilities, conduct threat analysis, implement threat prevention, and quickly respond to security-related escalations.

Candidates aspiring to work as security engineers can achieve certification after gaining expertise in implementing Azure security controls. Candidates must appear for the AZ-500 exam for this credential wherein the following skills will be testified:

● Managing identity and access
● Implementing platform protection
● Securing data and applications

Microsoft Certified Azure IoT Developer Specialty – Exam AZ-220

A certified Azure IoT developer usually works on deploying physical devices, uses cloud services to configure and maintain such appliances, and further on maintains and troubleshoots the configuration throughout the device lifecycle.

The primary responsibility of Azure IoT Developers is to implement design specifications for IoT solutions, including device connectivity, security, topology, diagnostics, and monitoring. Developing and deploying modules and configuring device networking for the Azure IoT Edge portion of the solution are other responsibilities.

The exam associated with this accreditation is AZ-220. Here are the skills it measures:
● Implementing IoT Edge
● Setting up the IoT solution infrastructure
● Processing and managing data
● Provisioning and managing devices
● Implementing business integration
● Implementing security
● Monitoring, troubleshooting, and optimizing IoT solutions

The list of certificates mentioned above is not exhaustive. Azure offers several other valued certifications, which depend on the role one is interested in. Professionals can seek any relevant accreditation based on the work they do or the aspirations they have.

One can opt for good online training to learn Azure and prepare for the certification. Various helpful training courses are available online to meet one’s learning goals and training needs. Go on and enroll in a training program and develop unmatched skills in the Microsoft Azure space!

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