Which is better hard or soft enamel pins?

Enamel pins

The fashion industry has observed the popularity of enamel pins growing continuously and steadily over the past few years. Enamel pins became a fashion statement and a way to highlight one’s organization and personality. Fortunately, the production process of enamel pins has become relatively easy over the years.

Enamel pins now have exciting features and types that allow great versatility and color options. If you want some intricate design to be turned into an enamel pin, advanced technology makes it possible. If you are an enamel pin collector but still do not know the primary difference between soft and hard enamel pins, this post will help you.

Enamel pins

Enamel pins are little classy things most utilized for adornment rather than providing an actual function. It does not mean they do not have any role because they do. The molding or hammering of iron creates them into shape. Enamel pins have a long and robust history of being collectibles.

Enamel pins are also used to promote and show different events, organizations, ideas, charities, and sports teams. Wearing such enamel pins is like showing support for such entities. Enamel pins are mostly worn on lapels, jackets, backpacks, or hats to define your hobbies and support a specific cause. You can also showcase your flair and style with enamel pins.

Enamel pins allow significant personalizing factors, a common trait in custom clothing labels. There are mainly two common types of soft enamel pins and hard enamel pins.

Enamel pins

How are they made?

These pins are thoroughly metal-made, and iron is the primary metal in their manufacturing. The reason for their durability and sturdiness is metal, unlike plastic pins. The best feature of enamel pins varies in shape and size. That is why the enamel pins are made from molded molten metal.

The use of molten metal allows the creation of enamel pins in any shape or size. After they are cooled down, they are filed or hammered into the desired finish and shape.

Hard enamel pins

The enamel pins that have a sleek, finished, and smooth look compared to soft enamel pins are the hard enamel pins. These pins do not allow much creativity with the colors, but they are the most professional and classy-looking pins.

The smoothness and sleek finish of hard enamel pins mean that they are created with high-end technology, so they cost more than soft enamel pins.

Hard enamel pins

Soft enamel pins

Soft enamel pins have a textured feel, raised edges, and a rough feel compared to its competent hard enamel pins that are super smooth. These pins allow many vivid and bright colors to be used in the design, and it is one of its best features.

Furthermore, soft enamel pins are quick and easy to be manufactured compared to hard enamel pins. The durability of these pins is not so strong, and they are the less expensive option than hard enamel pins.

The best uses of hard enamel pins

The primary uses of hard enamel pins are as follows:

  • Hard enamel pins are great for organizations and businesses where professionalism is essential.
  • Hard enamel pins are ideally used as logo pins because they have an expensive look that goes incredibly with professional settings.
  • Hard enamel pins are a good choice for the promotion of brands.

enamel pins

The best uses of soft enamel pins

The benefits of soft enamels pins are as such:

  • These pins are great for different images, designs, colors, and patterns.
  • Soft enamel pins are primarily used for casual events like cultural or musical events.
  • They are used to showcase personal flair or style.

The essential difference between hard and soft enamel pins

The main difference when it comes down to hard and soft enamel pins is their manufacturing process. The different number of enamel layers, polishing, smoothness, and other transitions vary. Customizability is another factor of their difference.


The difference between the two pins is quite apparent; one is smooth and luxurious, while the other has a rough, textured feel. Some people like the textured ones compared to the sleek ones, so the difference does not matter in terms of personal preferences.

The prices are also a significant factor in the dissimilarities between the two, with hard enamel pins being expensive and soft enamel pins being affordable. So which one is better is totally up to your requirements and preferences