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Why Recycling, Re-Using and Reducing Is the Best Way to Look After Our Planet

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The three Rs have become some of the most talked about solutions to the planetary degradation that has been ongoing and continuous for decades. Primarily, as a result of conspicuous consumption and the so-called advancement of societies around the globe, we have simply begun to produce more waste and rubbish than the planet can deal with. We have now reached a point in our time on earth where positive action is the best means of looking after our planet. This article will discuss the reasons that recycling, reusing, and reducing are some of the best ways to protect our planet.

There has been a serious movement towards a greener more sustainable way of life, and this has affected all business sectors and most parts of our society. The three Rs of reducing, reusing, and recycling are the paramount discussion in this regard.


Most products are now being made with a view to their next use at the end of the current use cycle. There is no longer a cradle to grave product cycle but one that is regarded as cradle to cradle and the end of one product can be the beginning of the life cycle of another  product. Even industries such as construction have found easy ways to gather and recycle building materials that have the opportunity to be used again. A great example is the 7 Skip Bins where construction and building materials that have been used are collected by the company and then recycled to be used again. They may be collecting your waste but is another person’s future building materials.


The main way to save the plant and ensure that we have sufficient resources for the generations to come is to avoid making new products. Thus, reusing current products that are still functional will be one of the main ways to keep the amount of landfill to a minimum. There is a major saving in energy and the prevention of pollution and damage to natural resources as there is no need to harvest new materials.


Simply reduce the number of resources used that you know are harmful to the environment. The biggest example is the plastic bag, and as more reusable plastic bags are used, then less of these will be found causing damage to the environment. However, there are so many things that can be reduced to make it possible to protect the environment. You also need to think about reducing waste that is produced at both the household and workplace level and ensure that you simply use products that can be reused or recycled so that there is significantly less waste being produced.

The fact of the matter is that the planet that we now live in is in dire straits and unless we are all able to make significant changes in the manner that we reduce, reuse, and recycle resources then we will not be leaving much in the way of a legacy for future generations.

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