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Why Women are close to eye disorders?

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The eyes disease. We all know the importance of eyes, but when it comes to women, these make women more attractive and is more sensitive than the opposite gender because of the natural differences between them.

Being more delicate than men, women need more care in every field of life. Today we are going to highlight the following points:

  • Why women’s eye health is more fragile than men’s? 
  • What type of eye problems are more likely to women?
  • What are some steps to have better eye health?

Let’s discuss them one after the other.

Why women’s eye health is more fragile than men’s?

The best way to examine any fact is that scientists have many experiments and research that prove some facts and have many arguments on each point. According to the study, women are at high risk of eye disorders than men.

The main reasons behind this increased risk are less because women have less access to health facilities. Moreover, Due to the hormonal changes and some weaknesses that women face due to pregnancy and periods, they are at high risk of many diseases than men, including eye disease. 

Moreover, many women do not accept that they are at risk of eye disorders, so those minor eye problems are more significant. Another cause of the greater risk of eye disease in women is the ignorance of some facts that men know and use, but due to ignorance or carelessness, the women do not pay much heed to the care of eyes. 

What type of eye problems are more likely to women?

Some of the eye problems in women are more significant than men, and every woman should know about them because she has to be more vital enough to deal with such issues at every stage of life. 

One such eye problem is age-related muscular degeneration or AMD. In the studies, it is observed that women live more than men, so AMD is more significant in women. Unfortunately, 65% of the AMD is related to women. 

Following are some of the disease that has a high case of numbers in women:

Multiple sclerosis:

Multiple sclerosisLupus is one of the most basic symptoms of the disease in women. In this disease, vision problems are observed in the women, and if not treated well, these may be proved as the start of other conditions.

Sjögren’s Syndrome:

This is one of the chronic diseases that are significant in women. One may notice that this disease inhibits the required amount of secretions from some glands and affects the tear production in the eyes. In this way, the functioning of the eyes is not proper, and this disease is more likely in women.


It is interesting to know that many women are at high risk of Glaucoma and this requires taking the medicines for a long time. So, the leading cause of having serious trouble of eye disorders in women is not just due to Glaucoma, but also the Medication of Glaucoma. 

All of these are the causes of blindness, and these are more significant in women due to many biological factors. 

Moreover, pregnancy, hormonal changes, and periods are some process that makes women close to eye disorders.

What are some steps to have better eye health?

The care of the eyes is not different from men. All of us have to take care of the eyes in different ways, but we are highlighting the women here because these are closer to women’s health.

Healthy Diet:

Having a healthy diet is more necessary for women because women have more deficiency of many types of minerals than boys that can be recovered quickly with a healthy diet. 

One should have the leafy vegetables in the diet regularly. Drinking plenty of water is essential, but all of the above, food like carrots plays an indispensable role in fulfilling the deficiency of many different nutrients. 

Eyes exercise:

Women are busier than males because of the unlimited duties of home and office that they have to manage, sometimes at the same time.

So, they do not have much time for exercise. Yet, having small eye exercises is a plus point that must be done to improve eyesight. 

Wearing Sunglasses:

Wearing sunglasses is a great way to limit unwanted lights on the eyes. While shopping, gardening, going to exercise with kids, it is better to have sunglasses all the time if there is a risk of having direct sunlight in the eyes. 


Taking care of the eyes must be a primary duty of the women because they are more likely to the eye disease. You should follow these tips.

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Frequently Asked Question:

What is the easiest way to check the eye health of women?

Having an eye test is one of the easiest ways in this regard.

Does smoking affect women’s eye health?

Yes, smoking has adverse effects on eye health.

Which are the causes of unhealthy eyes in women that they ignore most?

Over-weighting also causes defects in the eyes.

I take care of my eyes, but I have eye problems. Why?

Sometimes, eye diseases are caused due to the family history that is more likely to women.

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