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Wibargain Review: Is This Site Legit or Not?

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Everyone loves to shop and getting a discount on a sale event. Hence it is not possible to get discounts all year round, but an online platform named ‘WiBargain’ just do that for you. WiBargain is an online retailer that provides liquidized products at a discounted rate all year round. 

In this WiBargain review, you will most definitely get a fair idea about the services this site provides and if they claims of providing the best product and services are to be trusted or not. 

Liquidized Products 

Liquidation is a term used to describe a discounted sale a certain company is offering to possibly recover from a great loss or debt.

By setting up a liquidation sale, companies often target getting a higher number of customers that in turn can help the companies to stay afloat a little longer. 

These liquidation sales usually go up when a company is bankrupt and does not have many options other than selling its products at a low price.

Lots of people get benefit from this type of sales. Mostly in case of bankruptcy, other bigger companies try to get their hands on the liquidized product that will make them huge profits in the future. 

How WiBargain Works? 

WiBargain is an online retailer that deals in liquidized product lots. WiBargain simply buys the products from an auction or discounted sale and retails them to their customer online.

Other than dealing with liquidized products, WiBargain also has the opportunity to offer products from rejected and unclaimed shipments, return mails and sale products. 

Another fascinating fact about WiBargain is that it deals only through mystery boxes. WiBargain mystery box is very interesting to buy.

WiBargain offers a few details about the products in the box with the price of the box. Each type of box has a different price tag and no two boxes are the same and WiBargain mostly deals on a first come first serve basis. 

What are Mystery Boxes? 

A mystery box is a way to buy a product without picking the product yourself. It remains a mystery that what will you get in the box, and the mystery is only answered after the delivery of the mystery box. 

Simply put, mystery boxes can be a great way to send yourself a gift. With the contents of the parcel unknown to you, receiving a mystery box will seem like you are receiving a gift from someone. 

The idea of these types of boxes are adapted by WiBargain that focuses on dealing with their customers online with WiBargain mystery boxes. 

Is WiBargain Legit or Not? 

Whether an online site or business is legit or not is a very hard question to answer. A simple wrong review can bring the company down and by spoiling its image in the eyes of its potential customers.

In this WiBargain review, we will try to cover the basic pro and cons of the company and then will be able to outline the fact that whether it is legit or not. 

Pros of WiBargain: 

  • The website is well managed 
  • Contact information and company address is available on the website 
  • Offers their subscribed customers weekly emails of available mystery boxes 
  • Provides the products of high-end markets and brands 
  • Offer simple and convenient shipping options 
  • Provides clearance merchandise and products 

Cons of WiBargain: 

  • Packaging is of poor quality 
  • Poor customer support 
  • Premium packages are sometimes received with average quality products 
  • Delay in delivery is always expected 
  • Mystery box products are not up to the mark 

Besides offering mystery boxes of clearance products, WiBargain also offers holiday packages and gifts. The products WiBargain deals in mostly include: 

  • Wholesale field of Amazon premium returns 
  • Lowes Premium Returns Wholesale Box 
  • Wholesale of premium vacation spot returns 
  • Target clothes wholesale 

Although the website claims to have active and responsive customer support (working from 11:00 a.m. at 05:00 p.m. from Tuesday to Friday-Saturday to Monday remaining closed) but unresponsiveness and unprofessional behaviour regarding a complaint is mostly observed. 


As the world is changing so has our ways of living, especially shopping. Online shopping has formed a huge part of our lives. Everything we want to buy is at the tip of our fingers. 

Spreading the idea of online shopping WiBargain is another online retailer that deals in clearance and liquidized merchandise and products.

Overall the appearance of this online business seems legit but some things about this site also raise the red flag. One should definitely consider the pro and cons mentioned above before making an order to WiBargain. 

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