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Windows Digital Signage- Full Details

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As companies intend to grab more eyeballs and increase customer engagement, deploying digital devices becomes imperative. Moreover, plenty of companies solely depend on digital devices for their operations. Companies that want to take advantage of the power of digital endpoints can do so in many ways.

Windows digital signage is one of the finest in the market. Companies can deploy devices such as digital signage to display their latest products, features, and offerings. Digital signage can be placed strategically in spaces where there are large footprints. Likewise, digital advertising companies can build a digital signage business with a digital signage solution. Some of the uses of digital signage for companies include:

  • Advertising digital product information in retail stores
  • Exhibiting company information at offices, business expos, and trade shows
  • Displaying advertisements in waiting areas, hotels, and restaurants
  • Showcasing graphics as part of decors in hotels and convention centres

Companies can pick between tablets, laptops, or large displays powered by mini PCs that run specific digital signage software (client app + controller software). Companies must choose digital signage software and digital signage device management software to customise tablets and laptops. This combination is vital to display interactive videos, images, and presentations on the devices and remotely monitor them, ensure their consistent performance, and protect them against unauthorised access.

Windows 10 as digital signage

Windows 10 devices are extensively used in businesses, educational institutes, and personal appliances. Windows 10 devices have a modern design, ultrawide displays, and improved battery life. Hence, deploying Windows 10 devices like digital signage is an excellent approach to leverage Windows’s vital advantages at a considerable operational cost. 

Why should companies use Windows Digital Signage Player?

Companies must use windows and digital signage players for the following reasons:

  • It is the most widespread and stable operating system
  • It is compliant with corporate policies and security standards
  • It supports different hardware, including Intel stick, thin clients, mini PCs
  • It can be installed quickly and set up at a low cost

Why should companies use the Windows OS?

There are three crucial reasons why companies choose Windows OS (operating systems):

  1. Familiarity – in environments where security is the top priority, a Windows OS increases confidence and offers stability.
  2. Productivity – companies can build on existing and proven technology to manage Windows 10 (Enterprise LTSB/LTSC) IoT (internet of things) devices.
  3. Brilliance – with Windows 10 (Enterprise LTSB/LTSC) IoT, companies can easily connect devices to their network or the Cloud.

To operate Windows on these displays, companies require a Windows licence. The most recommended is the Windows 10 IoT, a version of Windows 10 that provides business manageability and security for IoT solutions. Functions that companies don’t require for their solution are not part of the solution, so they won’t pay for something they will not use. Companies can use standard development tools such as client PCs and laptops.


Deploying Windows 10 devices as digital signage helps companies leverage all the key advantages Windows offers. While companies can choose a free digital signage software for Windows 10, they must select an advanced solution for improved device management capabilities.

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