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Windows Update Issues And How You Can Fix Them

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Windows Update is surely one of the most annoying processes that one can face. It’s annoying that Netflix decided to put it in a satirical scene in Space Force where the system goes on automatically updating itself.

However, it shouldn’t be an issue to run your device into errors leading to malfunctioning especially due to error 0x8024a105 and several others. That is why we’re here to check out some of the fixes you can apply and prevent issues from automatic Windows Updates. So without further ado, let’s get started:

Fixes For Automatic Windows Update Error

The fixes we’re about to show are tried and tested to be useful in terms of resolving update issues:

  • Securing a Good Internet

Sometimes files aren’t downloaded due to poor internet connection, resulting in missing. In other cases, automatic updates are put on hold due to the non-presence of Wi-Fi. That is why you need a good internet connection and for that, we recommend AT&T Internet.

Offering top-class services with reliable connectivity, you can reach out to AT&T Internet customer service and get assisted in finding a solid internet plan for your needs. When that is done, you can rest assisted because now your internet connection won’t be disrupted during updates.

When this happens, Windows will download updates without any disruption and your device won’t be running into any errors.

  • Clearing Disk Space

Another good reason for your windows update failing is because of the low disk space in the drive that you’re installing updates. This is the primary drive where your operating system is installed.

If there’s low space, complete updates won’t be able to download and install successfully. As a result, updates will most likely go missing or stay pending, resulting in your device crashing. That is why you either should increase the disk space by acquiring a bigger drive or should clear the drive so that updates can be installed.

  • Running a Troubleshooter

If you think there’s no problem with your internet connection or disk space, then running a Windows update troubleshooter can help with the problem. You can access the troubleshooter by heading into settings and choosing Troubleshoot option.

From there, you’ll head into additional troubleshooters where you’ll select Windows Update to check and diagnose issues. The troubleshooter will run diagnostics to know the problem and hopefully provide an idea of what the persisting issue is.

  • Running the SFC and DISM Commands

The Windows Update troubleshooter is most likely to illustrate which system files are corrupted that are causing a problem. However, you’d need to repair them to ensure that your device works effectively.

For that, you’ll have to run SFC and DISM commands. These commands allow scanning corrupted Windows Update files and repairing them. You’ll have to run the command prompt in admin mode by pressing Windows + r.

Next, type ‘scannow’ and hit enter. The command prompt will scan the device for corrupted files and can take some time. When the scanning completes and nothing is found, try installing updates to see if an error occurs.

If it does, use ‘Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /CheckHealth’ in the command prompt to fix the issue.

  • Reinstalling Windows

If the issue persists even after running the DISM command or troubleshooting, then it’s probably because your Windows has probably registered corrupted files. Therefore, you’d need to install your Windows all over again.

For this purpose, ensure that the drive that has an operating system doesn’t have any data stored since you’ll need to format it completely. Formatting it completely will leave no corrupted files on the device, making it easier to install new files.

In addition, ensure that you download the latest version of Windows using Microsoft Windows Assist. In this way, you’ll be able to install the updated version. Also, register it with the key so that you can access complete features.

How Do They Occur?

The automatic Windows Update issues can occur due to various reasons, some of which are mentioned below:

  • Corrupt files loaded in the system’s registry
  • Update files are missing
  • The downloading process is disrupted
  • Lack of disk space
  • Improper shutdown
  • Virus/ malware attack
  • Accidental/ intentional deletion of system files

All of these reasons play a deadly role in ruining your entire system’s progress. That is why you need to apply the following fixes to make sure that your device doesn’t face such a hassle.

Should You Wait On Updates?

You must have a good internet connection so that you can install updates automatically. Windows updates are essential for keeping your device in a good shape. It’s hard when these updates slow down the device. This happens when your current hardware specifications are not up to par.

As per the updates, you should neither wait nor skip these since it’ll affect the performance. If you’re using products from the original sites or stores, you’ll notice that they won’t perform competently if your device’s Windows isn’t updated.

Therefore, ensure that you run to check for updates and apply the above-mentioned fixes to install updates on time.

Closing Notes

Windows Updates are an important part of your operating system. These give an important boost to the device, helping it maintain seamless workability.

However, some issues often cause the device to miss updates, which is why you should apply the aforementioned fixes to avoid them. Apart from using them, you should also focus on acquiring a good internet connection from a reputed internet company as mentioned earlier. This is where you, as a online business leader, need to be patient and keep working. It’ll help secure downloads in the future.

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