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Wpc2027 Com Live {Honest Review} – Is it Legal or Not?

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WPC2027 is a website that hosts live online broadcasting of a particularly unique sport of cock fighting. This sport is more commonly known as Sabong and is a popular and favourable sport in the Philippines.  

In this article, we will discuss details about this website and determine whether WPC2027 is a legal website or not. 

What is Sabong? 

Sabong is a unique traditional sport of the people of the Philippines. The sport involves multiple stages in cock fighting tournaments.

This game is widely played and supported in the Philippines. Besides entertaining a huge mass of audience, Sabong is also particularly famous for gambling purposes. 

People invest a lot of time and money in this game of cock fighting and try the luck on their favourite cock in the hope to win money from the bet. The game of Sabong is conducted in licensed cockpits and derbies which specially train their cocks to fight and win. 

These games are officially licensed by the Philippine government and are held only in licensed derbies and cockpits under the supervision of licensed inspectors. Sabong is a very popular sport that was facing some restrictions for the past year. 

As the world was facing restrictions in large gatherings and crowded places in the wake of covid-19, the game of Sabong faced a similar restraint for the public display of the game among a larger crowd.  

To overcome this situation the game of Sabong started to get live broadcast on various websites for discouraging people to gather in large crowds to watch the game while still keeping the spirit of the traditional game alive. 

What is WPC2027? 

What is WPC2027? 

Source: Wpc2027.live

WPC2027 com live is a website that allows fans to watch the cock fighting game from anywhere around the world. The website is responsible to broadcast live Sabong matches from various cockpits and derbies that are licensed by the government of the Philippines. 

Besides watching live broadcasted Sabong matches on WPC2027, the website also gives the chance to bet and win cash prizes to the viewers. Using this website, viewers can try the luc on their favourite cock from their favourite derby quite easily. 

Is WPC2027 Legal or Not? 

WPC2027 can be used from anywhere in the world and is most popular among Asian countries. Although the website is involved in gambling and other betting methods, the game of Sabong and its related betting and cash prizes are legal under the law defined by the government of the Philippines. 

The website is used by hundreds of visitors on a daily basis. The online determined score for WPC2027 by Scam Detector is 58.6 which is an average score and should have a higher score for a website that involves money transactions. 

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Features of WPC2027 com live 

Here are some pros and cons of the website WPC2027 com live 


  • The website receives and hosts steady traffic of 340 visitors per day 
  • The global traffic rank of the website is 1,924,486 
  • The average estimated page impressions are 100 per day 
  • The server is controlled and operated from multiple domains from the United States 
  • The server is hosted by Cloudflare 
  • The domain is officially registered from GoDaddy.com 
  • The website offers live streaming of Sabong matches from all over the Philippines 
  • The website is very popular among Asian countries 
  • The website is allowed to broadcast only matches from the licensed derbies and cockpits 
  • You can also try your luck on the game of Sabong using this website 
  • Users are able to win cash prizes through this website by putting money on the game 


  • Very little information about the website is available 
  • No contact information is mentioned on the website 
  • The website was registered on 3rd, February 2021 
  • The website is fairly new 
  • The website has a score of 58.6 out of 100 on the Scam Detector website 

WPC2027 Login

WPC2027 Login

Source: Wpc2027.live

It is fairly easy to log in to WPC2027. First, you have to register on the website using your personal information and contact details. After providing your information, you will be prompted to provide an OTP (one time password) sent to your mobile phone.   

Filling out the required information and the OTP received that is received on your mobile, your account is now ready to use. Fill in your WPC2027 login information and enjoy watching the live broadcasting of Sabong matches. 


WPC2027 is a website that is used to broadcast live Sabong matches from the derbies of the Philippines. Most of the derbies and cockpits that are responsible to hold Sabong matches are registered and licensed with the government of the Philippines. 

WPC2027 is used worldwide to watch live Sabong matches, especially in Asian countries. Besides watching Sabong matches, viewers can also win cash prizes from this website by putting money. 

Most of the information about WPC2027 is covered in this article and also gives you a clear idea of whether the website is legal or not. 

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