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YoutubeStorm – Should Kids Be Allowed to Use YouTube?

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Video streaming platforms have been regarded as a source of knowledge for all kinds of people, young and old. This however doesn’t mean that YouTube is all good, it also comes with its downsides and people need to understand that precautions should be taken.

People buy YouTube subscribers on a frequent basis meaning there is a growing benefit from YouTube. Today if you want kids to learn something, all you need to do is search the topic on YouTube and you will find a perfect lecture for your child. Games are also available and there are very intuitive cartoons for kids. The question is, should children be given the autonomy to use YouTube alone?

Who Should Be Trusted?

There are two things that people need to worry about, one is that YouTube may display ads that are not kid-friendly and these ads may interest the kids to click. As a result, kids are supposed to ensure they stick only to the videos they watch.

This habit of self-control is what many kids don’t have. Their attention maybe is deviated from watching the correct content to watching content that doesn’t support their morals and education quality. This means that kids need to be regulated on how to use the best content. 

Kids Can Be Restricted 

Have you ever seen some Wi-Fi providers blocking some sites? The same should be done to children before they can use YouTube likes on their own. Always make sure you put some restriction measures so that children view only what is needed.

This is the best way to ensure you enjoy excellent child behavior. Children who watch violent or abusive content also copy the behavior and they can also start showing disrespect to their elders and peers. For that reason, make sure the YouTube is restricted to the kind of content one should watch.

Always Tell Kids to Watch When You Are Around 

It is clear that children shouldn’t be allowed to use the site alone especially when they know they can access any type of content. It is important to make sure you guide children on the kind of content to watch and associate themselves with.

Children who are an adolescent normally look for sexual content that can ruin their minds at a very early age. As you restrict YouTube usage, you should also restrict the kind of TV programs used. All of these could lead to a lot of bad behavior in children and that could be a problem for parents and teachers alike. 

People who buy YouTube subscribers should be cautious enough to ensure they don’t buy minors as subscribers especially if they are creating content that could be harmful to the minds of the minors. 

There is always a moral degradation in children who use YouTube autonomously. Parents and guardians should always be there to make sure they show kids the best kind of content to watch so that they don’t watch bad content at all times. if possible, switch off the Wi-Fi when you are not home or only make the devices available when you are home. 

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