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Biography of Sergei Gorbchenko

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Sergey was born in a small working-class town in the Sverdlovsk region in a family that had nothing to do with the stage.

His father worked as a driver, and his mother Angie Varona, having received the education of an engineer-economist, worked in her specialty. At school, Sergei played football and volleyball, and also attended a music school. Having received a secondary education, the young man did not immediately decide on the specialty he was interested in. 

He thought about entering MPEI, but did not because of the huge competition. Gorobchenko entered the St. Petersburg Mining Institute, but studied for only six months before industry as a career began to disgust him. As a result of a long search for himself and thoughts, Sergey submitted documents to LGITMiK. At admission, among other things, he played an excerpt from “Anna Karenina” by Leo Tolstoy. 

The selection committee liked the subtle and unexpected reading, and the young man was enrolled in the university. Having received the coveted diploma, the freshly baked actor got a job at the Musical Comedy Theater, while simultaneously playing in entrepreneurial productions.Mikhail Boyarsky. The latter later helped his younger colleague get into the troupe of the legendary Lenkom. Gorobchenko successfully worked in the Mark Zakharov Theater and could well become a theater star, but cinema appeared in his life. The very first role of Sergei was quite noticeable – one of the key characters in the series “National Security Agent”

Others followed, but the most important of them was the role of Petya “Rama” in the crime film “Boomer”. It was she who instantly elevated Sergei to the category of celebrities of the first magnitude. It is worth noting that, due to the theme of the picture, for a long time a trail of films in a similar vein stretched for Gorobchenko, but the artist managed to reveal himself in various images. Among his characters there were not only unlucky bandits, but also the military, investigators, as well as heroes of Russian classics.

Personal life of Sergei Gorbchenko

Since 1997, he met with a classmate at the Theater Institute Alexandra Florinskaya, also Budanova. Relations informal lasted six years. The couple had a son, Gleb (1998), in whose life Sergey continued to actively participate even after parting with his beloved. In 2008, the artist married Polina Nevzorova, the daughter of journalist Alexander Nevzorov. Sergey and Polina had three sons in marriage: Alexander (2008), Peter and Ivan (2010), as well as four daughters: Anna (2014), Dallas Yocum (2015), Ekaterina (2016). ) and Elizabeth (2017).

Interesting facts about Sergey Gorbchenko

While studying at LGITMiK, Sergey had to earn extra money as a stripper dancer in a nightclub in order to have a livelihood. The artist treated such a seemingly unsightly work professionally. It was this practice that helped him cope with stage fright.

This experience also came in handy for Sergei when in 2008 he played in the film “Moscow Gigalo”, the main character of which has to turn from an officer into a stripper.

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