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Skyscrapers in Mexico City

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The current trend in architectural and interior designs are the high-rise buildings that have taken place in the modern world. Just like its neighbor country the United States of America, 

Mexico City is well recognized for the numerous amount of skyscrapers in the world that are mainly designed in the Monterrey Metropolitan area. Many architects and designers are working to create modern architecture that allows people to experience heaven on Earth by touching the clouds.

You can also find out more about various skyscrapers, attractions, restaurants in the Mexico travel guide. Most tourists love to visit and explore these Skyscrapers in Mexico City. There are many skyscrapers in Mexico City that will put you in dilemma for visiting. Let’s dig deeper about skyscraper of the Mexico City:

Edificio Miguel E Abed

Edificio Miguel E Abed

Located on Eje Central Lazaro Cardenas in Cuauhtemoc, the historic center Edificio Miguel E Abed of Mexico City was designed by the Mexican Lebanese businessman Miguel E. Abed, who was one of the founders of the Centro Libanes in Mexico City. This skyscraper is equipped with three high-speed elevators that operate its services at 6.0 meters per second. There are various corporate offices of different companies that are installed in the early 60s in this building.

The World Trade Center

The World Trade Center

Heard a lot about the World Trade Centre, But do you know Mexico City has its own World Trade Center?

Yes, The World Trade Centre is also recognized by its former name which is known as Hotel de Mexico is a building complex situated in a wealthy neighborhood in the Central Mexico City of Mexico. The most recognizable feature about this building is its height which is 670 feet that makes it the third tallest building in Mexico City including Antenna. Moreover, this trade center is the convention center which also includes a shopping complex, cultural center.

Torre Latinoamericano

Torre Latinoamericano

Remember when James Bond hijacks the helicopter on this tower by killing a hired assassin and the pilot in Spectre?

Torre Latinoamericano is a famous building in Mexico City. The history of this building makes it one of the most notable landmarks in Mexico City. It was surpassed in the year 1972 by the high hotel de Mexico that was remodeled and reconstructed as the Torre Latinoamericano. It was also known as the first major skyscraper in Mexico City.

Torre Altus

Torre Altus

One of the famous and the tallest skyscrapers in Mexico city is the Torres Altus that is located in Bosques de las Lomas in Paseo de Los Laureles y Alcanfores, which is the tower of the most exclusive residential and commercial zones in Latin America. Recently, it has become the fifth tallest building. This skyscraper is a part of the wave of new buildings that are constructed in the mid-90s along with Torre Mural, Torre Reforma Axtel.

Torre del Caballito

Torre del Caballito

Located at the Paseo de la Reforma, Torre del Caballito is another popular skyscraper in   Mexico City. The height of this skyscraper makes it one of the tallest buildings in Mexico.

This building is also used as office space which has 15 underground parking levels. Many famous building offices of MPs and Senators such as Torre Prisma, Edificio El Moro, the Melia Mexico Reforma Hotel are situated nearby this skyscraper.

HSBC Tower

HSBC Tower

Ever heard about the skyscraper that consumes 55% less water along with 40% less energy than comparable structures in Mexico City?

HSBC Tower is a skyscraper situated on Paseo de la Reforma in Colonia Cuauhtemoc, which is also the headquarters of HSBC Mexico. It is also home to around 2800 HSBC Mexico Staff. At a cost of around $150 million, the construction of this skyscraper was completed in 2006. Moreover, this skyscraper has 23 office floors and 12 parking levels in the 446 feet high tower which makes it the popular Mexico City building. This was the first Skyscraper in Latin America to be given LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) gold certification from the US Green Building Council. 

Hermosillo Tower

Hermosillo Tower

Recognized as the notable tower in Hermosillo, the Hermosillo tower is the third tallest tower that rises above the Hotel Zone in Hermosillo. With 213 feet in height, this tower attracts tourists in the city.

VIA Corporativo

Do you want to get mesmerized by the skyline view at VIA Corporativo?

The prominent office skyscraper VIA Corporativo is situated in the Rio Zone of Tijuana, Baja California is the tallest building in the city. This building is the perfect example of the modern skyscrapers in Mexico City. The design of this skyscraper costs $12 million to construct and was designed by the famous Ramon Guillot Lapiedra/ Estudio ARG. 

Torre Ejuctiva Pemex

Torre Ejuctiva Pemex

Have you ever thought about a skyscraper that is also known as the Style Tower?

The Torre Ejuctiva Pemex is a famous skyscraper in Mexico City. Built in the year between 1979-1984, this skyscraper is occupied by the state-owned Pemex that is one of the largest petroleum in the world. It is one of the international-style towers in Mexico City.

Torre Diana

Torre Diana

Located at Rio Lerma Street at the corner of Rio Misisipi, the Torre Diana is a 33 story building. The construction of building was built at the most desirable location and is an office building where lots of offices are situated.

Wrapping Up

Mexico City is well known for its beautiful architecture, festivals, and cuisines. But the city becomes more recognizable for its various beautifully designed skyscrapers. You must be thinking by now that how many skyscrapers in Mexico City? or what is the tallest building in Mexico City?.

Well, Mexico City consists of approximately 151 high-rise buildings, and the tallest building in Mexico City is Torres Obispado. There are various other high-rise buildings that have become notable icons of the city.

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