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Top-tier marketing trends you should focus in 2022

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The last few decades have shifted the abode of brands from real land to virtual land. The pandemic has increased the intensity of “online presence” collectors. Now that the world is so digitally active, it is crucial for all digital marketers and brands to keep up with the digital world.

Being thorough with current and upcoming digital trends gives the brand an edge. Organizing advanced and effective strategies becomes a much easier task. While cool features like chatbots and artificial intelligence are at the forefront of digital trends, we provide you with a list of the top digital marketing trends for 2021 to increase your brand awareness:

Video marketing

It is a rule of thumb that what we “see” leaves a lasting impression on our minds. Statistics support the same. 68% of users learn about a product/service through short videos. The video form content is attractive, crisp and informative. Not only that, video content is an appropriate marketing technique for mobile users.

Elaborate text-based content is difficult to absorb from a mobile screen, while short videos solve this problem. When it comes to video, streaming space is growing. You should focus more on the streaming industry, platforms like Twitch.

Do you want to know how to get Twitch followers? Here are some easy tips: always collaborate with other established streamers. Check their popularity and number of viewers. If they are relevant to your company’s product, then start negotiating on a deal price right away. 

Purchasable Content

As the name suggests, buyable content is any content that has a direct link for its purchase attached to it. Instead of standard and boring product descriptions on e-commerce platforms, purchasable content makes selling-buying much more interactive and interesting.

From articles on various social media platforms to influencers tagging your brand, shoppable content is built on high returns. Platforms like Instagram and Pinterest have introduced a feature for shoppers to buy directly from a post or story, making shopping easier than ever.

Instagram Reels

Ever since TikTok was banned in many countries, Instagram reels have taken over to applause. IG Reel is an amazing platform where brands can showcase various forms of content ranging from product manufacturing, features, informational content, and more.

It is an extremely engaging platform and is claimed to garner double the engagement compared to a normal video. It is one of the most beneficial places in the digital world. The recently introduced Instagram insights feature also allows you to analyze and track returns on your rolls.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is when brands approach famous people who possess the ability to “influence” people. It works like word of mouth advertising where influencers show their faith in the brand. Thusly, clients are impacted by something very similar and think about purchasing the item/administration. Influencers can be celebrities or famous personalities on various social media platforms.


Today’s audience is captivated when the approach to content is personalized. Whether it’s a simple email that addresses you in an informal and personalized way, or a scheme offered exclusively for you following your past behavior on the site, it’s sure to please the viewer.

The best examples include personalized movie recommendations from Amazon and Netflix for each user. Another example is Starbucks’ personalized gamified mobile app in which they keep track of how many times you visit them and also offer programs. So, incorporate these trends into your marketing strategy to make your brand reach for the sky!

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