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What to Look for in Assisted Living for Aging Parents

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Even though you would love for an aging parent to come live with you at a time in their life when they are no longer self-sufficient, your lifestyle may not offer a better alternative. It’s a quality of life for them you are after.

Unfortunately, in a chaotic home with teens always on the move and adults rarely home due to work obligations, it would be the same as living alone much of the time. So, it all boils down to assisted living as the best and safest option for your aging parent/s, so how can you begin your search? Indeed, what are you even looking for?

Comfort Is Crucial

The one thing you need to be prepared for is that your aging new parent may not be immediately receptive to your thoughts on placing them in an assisted living community. They have been independent for the bulk of their adult lives and are reluctant to give up their independence.

The first thing you might want to do is to check out various assisted living communities within the geographic area you require. Visit them and talk to staff. Ask permission to speak with a few residents there to get an idea of how your parent would respond.

Their comfort is crucial because you don’t want their last days to be filled with misery while that time is filled with regret for you. Check out the services offered at a community like McKnight Place assisted living located in St. Louis, MO. You will quickly be able to see that residents are happy and actually enjoy being there.

Necessary Healthcare Services

As we age, healthcare becomes more important than ever before. One of the most important elements in an assisted living facility would be the number and level of healthcare services offered to residents.

What kinds of therapy and wellness services are available, and do they have therapists on-site for such things as mental wellness or post-surgical therapy? All of this is extremely important because your aging parent’s health and wellbeing cannot be compromised now or at any time in the future. 

Community Activities

As just a step up from independent living, assisted living services are just what the name implies. Residents are encouraged to do as many things as they can and if they can’t be totally independent, there are staff available to ‘assist’ them in those tasks or entertainments.

That leads us to another major consideration in what to look for in assisted living for aging parents. What is there within the surrounding community for them to do on occasion? Are there shops, restaurants, theaters, or other fun things they might enjoy from time to time? 

Bear in mind that you are trying to balance giving your parents the quality of life they provided for you in your younger years while also seeing to their healthcare as they saw to yours.

No one wants to be stuck in a room most of the day if there are things that they could be doing with just a little help. Find the right assisted living community for mom and/or dad and watch how they blossom. It’s simply a matter of finding the perfect fit.

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